A Complete Overview on Website Development

Websites are of paramount importance to any business, with micro experiences tucked in every corner of the world, you need to put in your best to create a bang on website to sell your product or services.

A good business website should be up-to-date with good content quality, having frequent updates, graphical images to attract the visitors and high ranking in Google results. Try to post a good informative content every now and then that helps to keep your website fresh and it can rank well in search engine.


A business website should be a blend of both

A perfect web design and SEO friendly

The main objective of your website  should be known that are of great support to your business, Despite having a great web design, quality content and proper coding if your goals are not clear than everything would go in vain.

Websites are generally developed using:

Markup languages such as:

Style sheet languages such as CSS and XSL

Client-side scripting such as:

JavaScript and

Server-side scripting such as:

PHP and

Database technologies such as:


Multimedia technologies such as:

Flash and

Stages of Website Development:


We pamper you with drink and question you about your profession, objectives, peers and industry.


We grasp on things learned in discovery phase and proceed with analysis, sitemap, and wireframes and rejig them into a strategic plan.


Things start shaping up through constant fine-tuning of our ideas and landing up on a single design solution.


We take advantage on technologies and deliver your design into a finished functional website.


We take measures to check the quality of your website and then launch the final product.


We work to increase the exposure of your website to bring more visitors.

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