A Successful Web Design Is No Longer A One-man Show

Professional web design is the key to effective communication on the Internet. Most companies and end users have contact with a company’s website for the first time with a brand, product or service. A positive user experience, decisively shaped by aspects such as usability, content quality and design, correlates very strongly with a possible purchase decision by the website visitor.

A high level of visibility of the website in search engines through appropriate optimization measures (in short: SEO) is also a basic prerequisite for making your own offer accessible to a larger target group in the first place. A single web designer alone can hardly achieve all these elements of a website to the highest possible level.

Experts from various sub-disciplines work closely together

In order to create and optimize a homepage, sound knowledge in various areas such as programming, graphic design, typography, search engine optimization, content production and project management is necessary. But to create a really successful website that makes the difference compared to the mainstream, you also need extensive expertise in advertising, branding and in various disciplines of online marketing, such as: Social media marketing.

Whether creating a completely new site or optimizing an existing one – determining the status quo is at the beginning of all measures. To this end, online marketing experts carry out a target group analysis. The main question is: Who is already a customer – and who could become a customer? In classic marketing, such an analysis is carried out using market research tools. These include, for example, surveys, focus groups or in-depth interviews.


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Text Creation, Content Optimization, SEO and Competitor Analysis

The creation of content usually begins with a keyword research. This has several objectives:

  • It provides ideas on sub-topics that should be dealt with in the content of the website
  • Provides information about which wording should be used (semantic optimization) in order to generate a high relevance for the topic of the landing page
  • And delivers the search terms on which it is most worthwhile to optimize the page due to the existing search potential.

Keyword Analysis & SEO Optimization

Keyword research generally prepares on-page search engine optimization. Several factors determine which search terms are best suited. The keywords must be particularly relevant to the target groups. But the medium is also important, for example Facebook may have different keywords or search phrases than Google.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis, meanwhile, focuses on the competitors on the market. How are their websites set up and which topics do they deal with? This is about realistically looking at what the competition is doing well and what you could do better yourself. There may even be a niche that no other provider has yet served. Competent marketing experts use this knowledge to develop a strategy. This process can have an impact on the overall marketing concept of the company.

Strategy for Content, Layout, Design and Usability

Once the market has been analyzed, a strategy for content and design is developed. Our team of creative minds work on this in our professionally positioned web design agency in India.

In the past, content production was primarily understood to be the creation of text. Today, however, content is also transported cross-medially, for example with suitable infographics and videos. Therefore, targeted strategy development is required. Often, differently specialized communication experts such as copywriters, video editors, graphic designers and search engine optimizer work together in agile teams to implement a campaign. Ultimately, the customers benefit from this joint effort.

In addition, professional web texts today are strongly geared to the needs or problems of the searcher. Therefore, the aim of every text should be to satisfy the search intention of the user as best as possible. This can e.g. through advice texts, explanatory videos, checklists or in general about knowledge transfer or information transfer on a topic.


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Graphic designers understand the development of a corporate Web design. This is not only used throughout all areas of the new website, but also seamlessly connects to printed flyers, stationery and similar materials as part of the corporate design. In this way, the entire corporate communication offers recognition and can set itself apart from the competition.

Today web design follows ergonomic aspects and focuses on the user experience. Excellent usability is just as crucial as accessibility. As many users as possible in the network should be reached, which is why a site must be optimized for mobile devices.

Conclusion – with bundled Expertise for Digital Success

The days when web designers worked as lonely experts in the quiet closet are over. Today, a website is no longer just a virtual business card on which a company presents its services and publishes the contact details. Rather, it is the most important communication interface for the dissemination of offers and messages, the most important platform for acquiring new customers and the central focus of a large number of possible online marketing activities.

So if you are an entrepreneur and want to offer your customers a modern and successful website and information platform, you can get an experienced agency with the relevant experts from all important specialist areas on board.


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