Discover the Novelties & Shortcomings of Magento 2 E-commerce Solution

Magento, the most widely used open-source e-commerce platform in the world, has been upgraded to version 2. The new version of the Magento 2 CMS brings new features to the e-commerce solution.
We will present the highlights and novelties of this new version of Magento, However, we will see some shortcomings that do not call into question the fact that the e-commerce solution Magento 2 will surely remain the number 1 open source solution worldwide in the online sales sector.


The Magento 2 novelties

A front-end for your website which is up-to-date with modern technologies HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery

It is now the jQuery JavaScript library that is used instead of Prototype. The whole code has been revised in this way. Thus, UI / UX development is found easier and accessible to more people.
Similarly HTML5 and CSS3 are used to have a front-end part exploiting these new technologies (in fact these technologies are already there for few years, but all browsers have only been compatible recently).

Template management and improved CMS (Content Management System) operation

Another novelty: The management of themes, templates and layouts, as well as the CMS have been revised, in order to make life easier for the developer and make it easier to manage them. Thus, the directory structure is now more coherent, image resizing management can be done in XML files, LESS technology is used with live caching compilation. The rendering at the website level is therefore more customizable. On the back-office side, we find more advanced CMS tools allowing to manage the templates a little better.

Performance superior to Magento 1

Still in terms of performance, rewriting part of the e-commerce application development provides better performance, including code re-engineering to exploit the benefits of recent versions of PHP. Thus, on an equivalent configuration, Magento 2 will be faster.

Native PHP7 compatibility

Native compatibility with PHP 7 where the runtime is reduced up to 2 times!
Evolutions in terms of architecture

The PHP code has also been updated, including the use of service, called “service contracts” to better manage dependencies and code injection. Modularity is increased and extension development is simplified.

A real online console

Magento 2 uses the Symfony console to enable certain tasks to be performed directly on the command-line interface (CLI). These tasks can be the installation of Magento itself, the emptying of caches and the updating of indexes, the generation of class or other dynamic CSS compilation LESS.

The e-commerce solution Magento 2 brings in a lot of interesting novelties, but we regret some points …
The framework on which Magento is based is still the Zend Framework 1
Although it is very robust and reliable and is always updated by Zend, this version 2 (especially since it took a long time) could have offered us a passage to Zend Framework 2 (or 3 which is coming soon) or Symfony 2.


We can guarantee that Magento 2 will continue to be a reference in the field of professional e-commerce solutions.
We would have liked to find some real news bringing a competitive advantage to Magento. This version 2 seems more a technological update and a restructuring of the e-commerce application than a real contribution of innovative functional innovations. But it’s still Magento, a solid code, a serious and robust e-commerce solution, proven by use in production by many large companies selling online.

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