Blazedream Technologies Awarded Third Prize For Developing Sales Reporting App Developed In Windows 8 OS


Developer Premier League


We are glad to share our triumph with you!

Due to our ultimate passion and love in mobile technology, we tasted the bit of success in this field. Hence,We proudly divulge the truism that we, Blazedream technologies have been awarded third prize for one of the most prestigious events for Windows App development “The Developer Premier League” conducted by Nokia.

Award for windows app development

This app aids to connect the corporate and sales representatives via the cloud; through this it can engender the real time reports and data.

Corporate can have the accessibility to assign a sales task to their representatives in which it directly exerts to get all the sales tasks in their mobile devices.

This creates a possibility to directly report their sales details and lead details to their superiors.

App which will be developed and progressed in Windows 8 OS with the rest web services to bridge between the databases. This will make the tangled and complex marketing reporting in an explicit handy app.

Following users are proposed audiences will get benefit by developing this app.

->Super Admin – Cloud Admin
-> Corporate/ Business User – Cloud Admin
-> Sales Rep – App

Super Admin – Cloud Admin

Super Admin is the user who has the power to control the entire app data and real time back end data.

He has the supremacy to create the login for corporate who need a cloud login to manage their sales reps and produces accurate reports.

Corporate/Business User – Cloud Admin

Corporate will be able to get major beneficial factors from this app, they tend to handle their sales reps and get the real time reports on their sales/leads.

Now he can create the tasks for their sales reps attainability to create the tasks for their sales reps and also review it.

Through this he was able to geo-tag the location of the sale place, contact number and other relevant details.

Sales Rep – App

Sales reps have the option to access and update their sales task and can get the sales leads from the shop/customers.

This enables them to perceive the location details and directly contact their customers via dial or emailing them.

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