Are You A Victim Of These Common Navigation Mistakes

Your website navigation has a huge impact on the success of your business that any other aspects, it hampers achieving online success. Your main navigation is the most important factor of your website, make sure that it doesn’t affect traffic and search engine rankings.

From content to URL’s everything that’s important to your website is connected to the navigation. We have listed few navigation mistakes, recognize them and correct them immediately.

The navigation Style:

Never position navigation in irrelevant places. Visitors usually expect navigation on the horizontal top or vertical down positions on your website. Navigation on standard places make it quite easy for visitors to use your website, by doing so you can lower bounce rate, gain more traffic and get higher conversions.

Your focus should be on attracting visitors and not confuse them with a new way to get around your website.

Use Generic Labels and Make it Simple:

Use descriptive terms for navigation labels. Terms like “products” and “services” are generic to all businesses and this communicates everything to the visitors. Whereas, “who we are”, “what we do” have nothing to do with your website and doesn’t exactly explain what your business is all about. Use navigation descriptive terms and save your website visitors clicks. So, try using relevant navigation labels with proper keyword phrases.

Drop Down Menus:

It’s difficult for search engines to crawl drop downs and this is one of the reasons why usability enthusiasts consider drop downs as bad to be used on the website. Drop downs are quite confusing, annoying and dysfunctional. All the pages in a certain category are organized under one drop down element so use it effectively to avoid visitors skipping important top level pages.

Excessive items in Navigation:

With too many items in navigation, chances of visitors scanning past important items are high. Challenge yourself to limit your navigation menus to a maximum of six items. When there are too many links in your navigation, the interior page’s priority will be diluted. The more precise your navigation more authority will flow to interior pages making them rank higher in search engines.

Wrongly Categorized:

Visitors usually tend to scan the beginning and the end of the navigation items. So place the most important items at the start of the navigation and the least important in the middle. Position your menu items wisely to gain attention immediately.

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