Auto Redirect, What Is It and How It Can Be

Auto redirecting what is it and how it can be, many web designers use these techniques for number of reasons. Auto redirecting is nothing but when the visitor enters into a webpage/website and he/she is redirected to another webpage/website. Its one of the popular technique used in search engine optimization strategies to make the website more visible to search engines & end-users, increase traffic and business. Therefore to take the visitor to correct page of the site, auto redirecting is done.

Auto Redirecting Is Done for the Following Reasons:

* URL Redirect i.e. if the website URL created is not search engine friendly or user friendly, the webmaster will go for auto redirecting. For example, if the webmaster creates a URL previous like this and he wants to change the URL into this, he should go for auto redirect.

* If a web page contains excellent & user friendly contents which has been crawled & visited by search engines and users several times and the weightage of the page is considered highly important for the website / webmaster which should not be deleted, then he go for auto redirect.

* Even, the pages with unwanted contents, images, texts and links will be redirected to useful web pages.

Different Methods for Auto Redirecting Includes:

Meta Refresh Tag Technique
Meta Refresh Tag Technique is one of the auto-redirecting methods that search engines can automatically detect. Search engines strongly recommend this method when there is a reasonable delay between landing page and being redirected. At least 5 seconds is recommended.

JavaScript Technique
This technique is not detected automatically by search engines, as search engines are unable to parse JavaScript. Though, the script can be called anywhere on a page, it is better to call in header section which make easier for page loading.

Form Technique
Search engines spiders can’t able to fill the form fields, and so they don’t make any attempts to submit forms, which means it can be used for auto-redirecting. JavaScript can be used to submit the form as soon as the webpage begins for loading.

Be careful when creating a website. This is because; if the page takes few seconds delay it is acceptable. But if the page loading time exceeds the normal time limit both search engines and users loose their patience and their bounce rate increases and search engines not often crawl or index the web page. So auto redirecting is required.

If instant redirect is necessary and you feel that you want to increase the traffic & business for your website, then use the different methods of redirect to make your website more familiar.

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