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Normally when we talk about backups we immediately think about the PC or the laptop, but nowadays mobile’s, especially Windows driven ones, are becoming more and more important in the workplace and in our everyday lives. Hence BlazeDream prides itself in creating ContactsBackUp app for windows mobile.

It is certain that under any Windows device, you have chance of losing your data. Your windows mobile perhaps has all your life’s info in a device that can be dropped, stepped on, kicked, flung accidentally while speaking, but our ContactsBackUp app helps you to take a backup of your contacts in windows phone into a CSV(comma separated values)data.

Few Features of Our ContactsBackUp app are:

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1. App creates an email of Comma Separated Values. This app does a backup of contacts, consisting the Name, Address, Phone Number & Email.

2. The email body is enclosed with csv data, which shall be copied, pasted into a new text file, and further saved as a csv extension (filename.csv).

3. The saved filename.csv file can be further imported into any contact application on your desktop

Our ContactsBackUp App Is Completely Free

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