Benefits of Linkedin Social Media Website

Millions of professionals use LinkedIn to exchange & share information, ideas and opportunities. Users are informed about their contacts & industry, find people & knowledge to achieve goals and control professional identity online. It’s a networking tool that helps users to strengthen and extend the existing network of trusted contacts.

Communication – 3/5 stars
Spontaneous communications with others is not possible, but enquiries related to industry can be answered. Users can post their comments & develop their communications.

Brand exposure – 5/5 stars
Users can connected themselves to people in the same interest of work and industry to build a network. Make the profile a complete portfolio in order to influence the platform effectively.

Traffic to your site – 1/5 stars
It is not evident that you gain significant traffic for the site. Only potential clients and customers will more likely visit your site.

How you can benefit from it?
Users who are ready to step into the working, LinkedIn is the better platform to start their career with a resume and introduce to the social market to attract employers or recruiters for landing the desired profession. Even job recruiters who are looking for qualified professionals can easily grab them out. To extend the web career, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to facilitate. Users can develop and maintain professional relationships, provide necessary information in the profile and set active in the LinkedIn Answers and update the current project or work going on.

Who should use it?
Professionals, job seekers or recruiters and other general users who want to be active in the social network.

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