Benefits of MySpace Social Media Website

Large and diverse audience makes use of MySpace to customize their profile and integrate the features like blogs, groups, bulletins and widgets. It is available in 15 different languages and widely used by entertainment industry such as musicians, bands and comedians. It allows the rise of independent bands providing platform to bypass the big players in the industry.

Communication – 2.5/5 stars
Users can add or connect with friends by sending messages and comments on the profile page or find people from the email address.

Brand exposure – 3/5 stars
Brand exposure is possible through customization of profile or adding videos and show personal interest. Blogging helps to build brand awareness and enables to run an effective online marketing campaign.

Traffic to your site – 1/5 stars
Its little bit difficult to get traffic for the site, unless the name is very much sought after. It means that the user have to work for branding the name and identity by focusing the targeted audience.

How you can benefit from it?
Create a portfolio by uploading music, pictures, videos and playlist. Create your video channels and applications. Run an effective online marketing campaign. Users can design their own advertisement.

Who should use it?
Independent groups

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