Best Chrome Extensions to Improve your Productivity

Generally most of us spend our free time on browsers. The Google chrome is the most popular browser used around the world today. Its super-fast speed, built-in features and ability to support new technologies have attracted many users around the globe.

This browser supports a wide range of extensions, which can add great functionality to your browser, while delivering better online experience. These plugins can be extremely useful for productivity. These extensions can help you get things done faster while consuming less system resources. Let us discuss about some essential productivity tools can make you more productive.


Todolist is a simple yet an easy to use, powerful extension from Google chrome. This plugin can help you to manage your task efficiently.

-Easy synchronization between your devices

-Progress-bar denoting your completed tasks

-Easy to add, delete and edit your tasks


Evernote is one of the most popularly growing services offered by Google Chrome. Using Evernote save your experiences, inspirations and ideas and access it anytime, anywhere nimbly.

-Save note

-Clip your favorite or interesting web pages

-Never forget anything by creating task lists


Grammarly is a writing app designed to help you write content that is easy to read and mistake-free. Upon adding the extension, all your spelling you write on the web will be screened by the plugin.

-Instant suggestions for your writing style

-Fixes thousands of grammatical errors

-Corrects misused homophones

-Makes you sound professional

-Detects plagiarism


Momentum is an inspirational interface offered by Chrome. With Momentum whenever you open a new tab your daily goals, to-dos, inspirational photos and quotes will be visible.

-Personalized new tab page.

-Inspires you to stay motivated throughout the day.

-Customize dashboard with your favorite widgets.


Today internet has many distracted websites, which is literally killing most of our time. Some feel social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are top killers. So by using StayFocusd you allot a specific time for such distractive sites, after which you will be denied access for the rest of the day.

-Limits the time you waste on time consuming websites

-Helps you to stay focused on your work.

Having enlightened about these extensions, personalize your browsing experience by adding these new features to your web browser.

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