Best Tips And Topnotch Strategies In E-Commerce Sector For Your Business Growth

First of all, before starting to say about creating a well-established e-commerce website, I would like to convey something about what is meant by e-commerce? E-commerce is nothing but “business trading through Internet”. This system defines enabling online movements of buying, selling goods, services and information.

Ecommerce online shopping


For keeping a strong foot in e-commerce business world, you need to own a website that could help you out to stand ahead among your competitors. That particular website you are creating should be unique and also must be designed and developed in a way to boost your customer experience, enhance your brand image and also increase conversions.

Now the conversation continues by discussing the benefits of e-commerce online shopping!

As all knows, e-commerce website makes it possible to sell your services or products using internet.

Brand uniqueness


It means an online shopping cart kind of website enable users to find the products they want and also even purchase them from the ease of where they are.

The way of living changes as the technology grows up. Nowadays, Shoppers have foot up to the internet to purchase what they need from the comfort of their offices and homes.

Moreover, online business is consider as the better set to make it all possible for the customers and this is what an e-commerce website exactly offers.


There lie various advantages over the benefits of e-commerce website when your business stands apart. It includes the following:

benefits of online shopping


Firstly, you will find it easy to sell your products/services without any geographical limitation.

You have the freedom to enjoy the benefits regardless of the type of business you run or the services/products you have to offer

E-Commerce website will be interactive that meets all customer needs and expectations because there is nothing as valuable as by having a satisfied customers for any business.

Your perceptibility will be enhanced using right and best kind of optimization. These kinds of activities will get you the benefits of more traffic and conversions. This is what every business is looking for currently.

With an e-commerce website, you will be in a position to afford useful information and pleasant shopping experience to the shoppers and customers.This helps the user to get appropriate product/service information, pictures and specifications from the given catalogues and galleries.

Customers have the chance to enjoy customer friendly aspects including everything like language, currency support, calculator, shopping cart, payment gateways and shipping of products with website development. Here, payment gateways and shipping of products can be much better because this ensures the customers to receive them safely and securely.

It will be more convenient for you to maintain orders, inventory, stocks and customer data with this kind of site.

Overall, this kind of website creates a path for growth and expansion of your business.

Who is the targeted audience for Online Shopping?

As you all know, online shopping has become crazier nowadays. It adds more pleasure for the teens and becomes their preferable choice to opt.

Researches shows, most of the e-commerce websites and online shopping stores creates a big impact and explored well among youngsters and adults.

Online shopping cart


As per Comscore survey, it came to know that 80% of them visit retail sites for purchasing the products.

But it is necessary to handle those teens because they may get hectic if they face any technical obstacle or something which is troublesome to handle.

So creating a perfect e-commerce website by making youngsters as your targeted audience can make your online business successful.

Note: To grasp the attention of the consumers, you need to put some additional effort and figure out how to cater the needs and desires of them.

List of scenarios and questions while identifying your target audience:

Scenario for target audience
    • Analyzing your current customers
    • Analyzing whom you want to buy your products/services
    • To whom you are marketing presently
    • Customers backgrounds
    • What your customers buy?
    • What your customers like to buy?
    • Why your consumers prefer more to your competitors than you?
  • What they are expecting from your brand either it may be quality or price?


Some of the queries you can ask your customers:

solve your queries


    • Is there any language problem?
    • Did the design of the site are easy to use?
    • Did they have any difficulties in navigating your online store?
  • By solving all these queries, you can surely overcome the problems and keep a sustainable foot in your online business.


Following listing are the major facets in building E-Commerce Websites.

graphics-click-here-075016 Registering A Domain

graphics-click-here-075016 Web Hosting Service

graphics-click-here-075016 Design

graphics-click-here-075016 Content Management System

graphics-click-here-075016 Server

graphics-click-here-075016 Payment Integration

graphics-click-here-075016 Delivery & Shipping

graphics-click-here-075016 Trust

graphics-click-here-075016 Promotion


Registering A Domain

Choosing the domain name is the most important task in the e-commerce shopping website where as you can either choose an existing domain or else you can create a new domain, but according to us you can take up the existing domain and it will be easy for the Google to show the SERP.

domain name


Finding the domain name is not easy in today’s web world because many domains which you want to buy might be sold by some other company or else it has been bought by the business man hence the web professionals are analyzing a lot to choose the exact domain for your website.

domain sold

Notes To Make

  • Have a unique domain
  • Make it easy to type by the people
  • Make it short as possible
  • Create and fulfill the expectation of the clients
  • Check the copyright for the domain name
  • Eliminate the hyphens and numbers





This is one of the most important achievements in your business because the brand name makes you to stand out from the market because everyone is not branded in the market. For Ex : There is a always a difference between Samsung mobile and a nameless mobile, in this situation you need to have a effective brand name, logo, color and the visualization. Over the years this was not a situation but in today’s world your domain names is most important If you choose either product name, business name, company name or any other catchy words then your business may push you down. This happens because it has both cons and pros in it. Whereas alternatively if you select the company name as the domain name then it will lead to a right path because the company you are running will have a brand name in the market. So you can easily grasp the attention of the customers when you choose the company name as your name.


extensions for sale


After selecting the domain it is necessary to select the right extension for the domain because each extension has separate meaning and you will be surely confused to select .com or .net or .org or .info or .biz. The most common extensions used in the world are .com, .org, .net choosing these extensions will be ideal for your business. If you choose a free international extension then it will not work out in your place. These extensions are very cheap and easy to buy. The word press co founder Matt Mullenweg has a website named as and he has the extension of Trinidad and Tobago extension proceed like this because he has implemented the domain name very smartly. Think twice and proceed further.

The most common and popular extension in the worldwide is .com and we recommend you to pick up that extension for the domain name you are selecting.


Location is something you need to think of before choosing the extension. It decides about the business, people, market and audience. I think now you might have got confused wait will explore you with an example.

Domain extensions


If you’re business is based on Canada and if you chose your extensions as .com then there is no point in choosing .com as a extension but if you make .ca has an extension then it will be very useful to spot for the clients.


Web Hosting Service

Once you have decided the domain name and extensions for your e commerce website now it’s the time to select the right programming language for your website. Analyze which is the latest technology to be proceeded and which is less expensive and most trusted.

Domain name decision


I have analyzed and came out with the results that the open source technology PHP with the MYSQL Database is the best to create an online shopping website because it is a secured language and it is less expensive.

How to chhose programming language


Now I will list out the advantages of using the PHP language

Cost – It is less expensive
Capable – It can able to design the website with lot of traffic
Easy – It is easy to understand the coding because it is framed by HTML
Platform – It can run on all major operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows.

Php Language


Supports Server– It supports web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, personal webserver, iPlanet server, etc.
Supports Major Databases – It supports major databases like MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc, but compared to all the databases MYSQL is the best combination with the PHP
Loading Time – It decreases the loading time and workload from the server.
Security – Compared to java and .net the security level is low but you don’t want to worry about it we can prevent the threats and malicious attacks.
Deployment– It can be easily deployed
User friendly – It is designed in a user friendly manner.
Refresh – The dynamic websites are in huge demand hence it automatically refreshes and we don’t to make any manual changes.
Object Oriented – It does not have the ability to call the java and window com objects instead you can create custom classes.
Spot Error – The errors can be easily spotted and it will not be that much difficult to find and fix those errors when compared to the other languages.

Dot Net


Choosing a .net language you can have more security but it is more expensive but when you choose the PHP language then the security is safe but it is less expensive, hence choosing the language depends only upon you.

PHP language is a well known language and it has been in the market for along time. There are many frameworks and tools on PHP to use this tool. There are many languages which doesn’t support the database and frameworks in this situation the people who doesn’t trust the PHP language will proceed to this language.

Asp vs Php


In my opinion this language this is a very fast language to develop, we can easily grab the existing project code modify according to our needs and create our website but the drawback of this language is that it does not scale as well as Java or Ruby. You need to buy an expensive server to run this project in a very well manner if not it would be an hectic for the clients.

The developers are the key for this project hence we need to hire an best developer that you opt for the technology.

php and asp

If you are planning to develop a small ecommerce site that is if your products are less than 100 then you would go for Shopify and Big Commerce but if you are planning to run a vast website then you can go for Magneto, Woo commerce and Open cart. The customization will be damn easy for the checkout and online payments.

This language has the advantage of being combined with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is available for most of the operating systems including Unix and windows, it is an excellent server-side programming language.
PHP is fastest and cheapest way to get a project within the short span of time.



E- commerce website plays a major role in today’s world because most of the people use online store to purchase their needs, in that case if you are planning to design a ecommerce site the you should create a catchy website that attracts the targeted users. The quality of the web design is about getting the customers through the marvelous design you have created for the site.

Now I will share some basic tips on how to design an e-commerce website.

Site Personality – To make a site unique from others the look, feel and the images should be great and magnificent when the customers enter in to the site

site personality

Call to action button – This is the most important buttons for the e-commerce site and it needs to be clearly visible for the user where as the sign up ,buy and check out button should be very clear and the design must make the customers to go where they want to go exactly in the website.

call to action


Make the important information public – Announce the users about your website offers, shipping cost , arriving cost and much more clearly so that they can choose whatever they need. It is good if you choose to post the information’s in banner type.

offers banner

Bread Crumbs Navigation – The navigation is the most important in the e commerce website because when placing the orders they need to know where they stand in the purchase process and how many steps have been completed still.

bread crumbs navigation

Demonstrate large and quality images – All the customer’s needs to analysis the image in large zoom view and it is a great way in revealing the images. The images should be posted in different angle for making the customers to get attracted.

zoom images

Provide Image With Multiple Color Variations – If the customers select the black shoes in the shoes category he might also want some other colour in the same brand he chooses in that case you can display the multiple shoes color in the product you have selected so that if the like those color apart from he have selected then he can proceed for the placing the order.

multiple color variations

Adding Reviews & Testimonials For Product – The reviews and the testimonials builds the customer relation and trust to the website because the feedback provided by other users makes a new customer to purchase the product.

reviews for product

Put An End To Registration – Forcing the customer to register in a website makes the wall between you and the user hence put an end to it where as you can create the login information’s for them as soon when the new user places the order.


Make One Page Checkout Process – It will be easy for the user if you have one page check out process and provide how long the purchase process is going to take by the page progress indicators.

check out method

Refine Their Options – When the customers are trying to buy what they want then the filters option is must for the user because this filter option will save lot of time and effort.

refine the options

Search Bar – If the users land on the particular page and if they don’t find what they want then the next step will be the use of the search bar hence the search bar should be clearly visible and it should be easily reachable to the users.

search option

Out Of Stock – Make it clear to the users when the product is out of stock because it will lose your potential customers when the orders have been placed.

out of stock


Delivery Charges – The delivery charges must not be added at the end because it will make users to get irritate and they will not return back for the nest purchase.

delivery shipping charges


Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a system that is used to manage the content of a website.

Content Management System is typically divided into two elements such as Content Management Application (CMA) and Content Delivery Application (CDA).


CMA element enables content manager to handle the creation, modification and removal of content from a website without needing the expertise of a webmaster. In other case, CDA element tends to use and compiles those information to update the website.

The traits of CMS system vary but most include web-based publishing, format management, revision control, indexing, search and retrieval.

content management system


It is software or a group or suite of application and tools that facilitate an organization to consistently create, edit, review and publish electronic text.

Many CMS afford a web-based GUI, enabling publishers to access the CMS online using Web browser.

Many CMS afford a web-based GUI, enabling publishers to access the CMS online using Web browser.

What does CMS system provides?

CMS system may even provide tools for one-to-one marketing.
One-to-One marketing may even equip its content and advertising to a user’s specific characteristics using the information that is provided by the user or gathered by the site.

For an organization, it is must essential fact to consider two major substantial factors before it decides to invest in CMS.

investment in cms


What are factors you need to consider before investing in CMS?

For an organization, it is must essential fact to consider two major substantial factors before it decides to invest in CMS.

Firstly, an organization size and geographic dispersion should be considered notably if an organization is spread out over several countries.

In such case, the transition to CMS is much more difficult.

Secondly, the diversity of the electronic data forms that is used within an organization must be considered.

This is because, if an organization uses text documents, graphics, video, audio and diagrams to convey information then the content will be little difficult to manage. So, plan accordingly and act according to it

Tips on Choosing the Right Content Management System (CMS):

Before you elect right content management system for your website, you need to check it properly that whether it will fulfill all your required needs or not.

tips for content management-system

For redesigning your site, you first need to find a good content management system that suits all your requisites.

I think, the following tips can make you enable to choose the appropriate content management system for your site.

Considering the ongoing cost:

When you have a synergetic website, you will need a sufficient budget to keep the website at first-rate and superior.

ongoing cost


After updates and maintenance, if your marketing budget is falling short then considering the size of your CMS is essential. Along with that, you need to take care of the yearly CMS license fees into consideration. It is must to create a site that proffer much better user experience, which can be maintained on a regular basis.

After updates and maintenance, if your marketing budget This is really better to launch a site that is not filled with much contents and packed with full of bells and whistles that you are not be able to keep updated.

Choosing CMS based on the functionality of the site:

When you engender a website filled full of online chat features, logins, databases and much more then obviously you need to choose a content management system that supports this functionality.

cms functionality

If you have an idea on having a chat functionality or any other form of incorporated third party applications then you need to choose a system that accurately does all of this.

So, based on its functionality you can put investment into your CMS.

Scalability and Flexibility:

When developing a site, it is mandatory to keep the future of the site in mind. A website will grow eventually so it is tangible enough of adjusting those changes much easily.

scalability flexibility

It is always better to elect a content management system that can scale to fit your strategies perfectly well.



The server is a most important part in the online shopping because without the server we cannot get our business into a successful one.


Here I will share you the most important factors to choose the web host for the e commerce website.


The Uptime usually means that how much time the server of the web host is in operations. Many web brands provide the high uptime in the E-Commerce web hosting packages; hence it is necessary to check before buying the server.

Some web hosts are offering 99.8 or 99.9% as a constant for the clients hence the maintenance can be around 50 min to 1 hour for a month.

Analyze well before you get the server.


Customer Support

24 hour support


Try to avoid the small and local IT servers for your website. Although the local It server provides fast, reliable and efficiency it will not provide you the best support during your needs and in most of the cases the 24/7 customer support will not be available and then you have to wait until the engineer needs to come on next day and fix those issues. So that time your business will be lost, hence a professional web hoster should support you to buy the best server.

Data base

The database plays the main role and it is the backend for the ecommerce site, most of the clients use MYSQL as the database because it is easy to store and locate the products.

Shared VS Dedicated VS Cloud

Shared server – 3 to 5 websites files will stored in this server and the cost of this server will be shared by the 3 to 5 website owners the greatest disadvantage will be when one website has largest traffic when compared to others and when there is lot of visit to that particular website the bandwidth will be exceeded and the “Bandwidth Exceeded” will be shown to all the 5 sites.

shared vs dedicated


Dedicated Server – The client will store his full data in a single server and he/she has the entire rights over the server, it is much better than the shared server because it is handled only by the particular client.

Cloud Server – If you are running a shopping cart website then you need to think a little to choose between the cloud and physical server.

Cloud servers are same as physical server but the functions can be slightly different. There are many advantages when you choose the cloud server

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ease Of Set Up
  • Reliability
  • Server Backup

The entire server must be provided with the automatic back up to avoid the file disaster and there will be a scheduled back up procedure to take up the backup process for each day.

Securing Web Server

Securing the web server is one of the most important task in the web hosting process. You need to implement the most 2 factor authentication such as RSA SecurID to have a high confidence in your authentication system

secure server

Tips to secure A Server

  • Separate server for external and internal applications
  • Separate development servers for development and testing
  • Educate the developers on security coding practices
  • The OS and Web server must be patched
  • Usage of application scanners




Payment Integration can be done by a well-versed company based on e-commerce business permitting payments and money transfers to be made through Internet. It is an e-commerce application service empowers credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks or through traditional brick and mortar.

payment integration process

It awfully protect credit card details by encrypting more sensitive information such as credit card numbers to make sure that information are passed more securely between the customers and merchants and also between the merchants and the payment processor.

It also eases out the transfer of information between a payment portal and the Front end processor or acquiring bank. Payment portal can be website, mobile phone or interactive voice response service.

Payment integration features permit you to easily process credit cards from your users after gathering information from them. After that, you can be able to accept the payments, donations and online orders.

For online business owners:

In online business creation process, the first idea should be related to the business type, what to do? What to sell? How to charge for your services or products? How to allow customers to pay online using their credit cards or checks?

online business owners


Merchant Account:

Merchant account is a “bank account” established with a payment processor for the settlement of credit cards and check transactions.

Any individual person who wants to take credit cards and check orders must establish a merchant account.

merchant account


Most of the merchant accounts need monthly payments and transaction fees. Anyways if you do not want to pay none of these fees there has free merchant accounts like Paypal and Google Check Out. These accounts may work for you but they can have limitations depending on what it is that you are selling such as limited options needed to sell any specific item on your website.

It would be better if you speak to a web developer to decide which account will work best for your business.

Payment gateway:

Through payment gateway we empower your online customers to process payments online and pay with their credit cards or check right on your website.

Payment Integration Company can easily integrate payment gateways into your website within hours at an affordable price.

payment gateway

A professional and well-expertise web development team is certified with most of the companies that offer payment gateway services; they will integrate your website virtually with any payment gateway company right away.

It facilitates the transfer of information between payment portals. In which those portal may be a website, mobile phone or interactive voice response service and the Front End Processor or acquiring bank. So, through payment integration, money transfers can be done in a well-versed manner securely.


Delivery & Shipping

“This is the customers more trust section”

deilevery shipping

As you know many people try to place the order of their choice and when they proceeded to the shipment and delivery charges they will be shocked and the delivery and the shipment charges may be half of the booked product in that situation they are frustrated and they are about to leave the place.

Now I will be giving you some tips to keep up the order

Offer Free Shipping

You may offer free shipping for domestic orders so that it will not affect your business and the clients will also be satisfied when there is free shipping in the domestic.

free shipping

“FREE SHIPPING” – This should be displayed in the home page as a banner type and this is one of the easiest way to grab the attention of the users.

You can also try out the second method that is there is a minimal amount if you are purchasing more than 10,000 or else there is a offer in the delivery and shipping if the number of items is more than 3 to 4.

Shipping On Time

As soon as customer places the order do not wait for couple of weeks to deliver try to pack it on that day and try to deliver it on the next day itself or else try to display the delivery date when the order has be placed .

shipping on time


“Happy customer is a repeated customer” hence the try to deliver the product as you have promised

Reduce The Packing Dimensions For The Larger Items

Here I have shared the weight and dimensions for the packing


  • Small Parcels (Under 1kg)
  • Medium Parcels (1kg – 2kg)
  • Large Parcels (2kg – 10Kg)
  • Extra Large Parcels (10kg – 30kg)
packing method for shipping



  • Small Parcel Max Wide Option (35cm x 45cm x 8cm)
  • Small Parcel Max Deep Option (35cm x 25cm x 16cm)
  • Max Medium Parcel (61 x 46 x 46)
  • Max Large to Extra Large Parcel (150cm Length)

You can reduce the package dimensions by packing tightly on the corner and try to use the biodegradable mushroom based packing.

Using Sturdier cardboard material can be easily bend, cut and it can shape around your items

Try to follow these above tips to reduce the weight of the box.

Shipping Calculator

Try to set up the shipping calculator for the people who purchase the product from your site. There is always a confusion happening in between the customers and the shipping because most of the customers breaking up the product choice after the view of the shipping cost.

shipping calculator

There is a site simple sugars which offers a real time shipping cost to the customers at the checkout. As soon as the customers check out from the page they can select the where they want to product to be shipped and then the calculator does the rest of the things for the product.
Using this real time calculator you can win the heart of all the customers because they trust the calculator.

If you think that this is not the best option for you then you can prefer the next choice “Flat Rates”

Flat Rates

Try to offer the flat rates for the entire product that is you can figure out the entire product rate when the customer try to purchase it because the method of shipping requires a lot of preparation and many customers leaves the product when the shipping cost is too much to avoid this confusion try to offer the flat rates so that it won’t be drastically under change or over change the customers.

flat rate shipping


According to my view each and every business is different and only through the testing you can find out what’s work best for you.

International Shipping

The international shipping is quite difficult when compared to domestic shipping but when you are trying to ship the products internationally then you need to think about the potential problems.

international shipping


Offering international shipping is exposing your business worldwide and you can gain higher profits in your online store.



Everyone knows the proverb “Trust is hard to build but easy to lose”. So, obviously it plays a critical role in selling your products. This proverb suits well for an online business. This is because clients should be able to trade in cash by not looking at your face.


If trust was there in your business, then it will attract both new customers and loyal repeat-buyers. Yet, there are few things that you can do to build up a sense of trust and many things not to keep the trust you have earned.

Achieving trust online can be little more difficult than gaining trust in one person. But following few simple steps on how to build the trust for ecommerce websites will always help to remain in covering all the bases and do wonders for the integrity of your company in the eyes of the customers.

Making your website rich:

Firstly, all website visitors generally decide whether to stay on your website or leave within few seconds. Hence, it is our responsibility to make the website glow and glitter. For that it is also a great way to make your website a content rich one with best design.

Delivering professional look:

Making your website professional is essential that too it must be designed in a way to suit a salesman. Information you are updating must be up-to-date which must be free from spelling, coding errors, missing images and broken links. The website must be fast enough to load quickly by not giving them time to get bored and leave.

Making them to know about you:

website rich

You can show them detailed information about the company which must be normally in the form of “About Us”. You have to give your address, phone number and even a company history on the site.

Increase the Security level:



Security level is mainly important for all the people who trade on the Internet especially to those people who don’t understand the technical side. You must ensure that you are using a secured server for your transactions where the customers should know and trust in that. Even you can make an alternative ordering through fax, phone or mail which is available, simple and easy to access.

Respect their privacy level:

Personal privacy level plays extremely critical on the Internet. You always ensure that not to try making people to give their sensitive information if they really don’t want to.

privacy policy


Ensure that you furnish a clear and easy-to-find privacy policy, addressing the reasons for needing some sensitive information and giving guarantee that you will not give it out or spam them with emails.

Having a good return policy:

Having a free return policy is a prevailing encouragement to buy big, while a bad or uncaring policy is a definite “trust-breaker”.
Once you get a good return policy then ensure that you display it where people will see it. You need to remember that trust is a difficult thing to handle but a customer’s trust for your business can swiftly lead to loyalty.

good return policy


Building trust over the Internet deals everything about showing customers that you will do whatever they require, you understand how they are feeling, you will do anything for them to make their experience much easier and more pleasurable.



The promotion is one of the best ways to promote your products in the online.


Here are some suggestions you can use for promoting e-commerce businesses and improving the performance of your online store.


seo process


search engine marketing


Apply SEO techniques for your website, this techniques makes your web site to show for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

On Page Factors

Title Tag: Each page should contain the exact title[keywords] of the page. They should be unique and consider about the length of the characters as the title tag plays the major role in the displaying the search results.

Meta Desc : The site desc is also important when the keywords are typed in the search box . The length of the characters must be considered while the description is written and it should be appropriate to the particular page.

On Page Optimization


Keyword research should be done and it can be done through the keyword planner tool.

Try to update fresh content in the website

Image Optimization should be done for all the images present in the website

The URL must be clean and the MOD –REWRITE and 301 REDIRECT should be done

Use proper H1 and H2 tags in the website

Since you are running an e commerce website make sure about the loading time of your site since the website loading time is too important you need to check with that or else you may lose the customers easily.

There is a high chance of duplicate content present in the website hence use the rel=”canonical” tags on duplicate pages.

Add social media buttons in the website

The XML sitemap is the most important for the site as it will instruct the search engines to crawl and index your inner pages.

The broken links should be checked and it can be done through the tools.

Adding product videos will increase the search traffic for your business

You need to install the Google analytics and webmaster tools in your site so that you can easily the track the changes happening in your site.

Off Page Factors

Start and maintain a blog that relates to e commerce website. Try to post a fresh content of the product that you sell in site.

Try to participate in the forums related to the e commerce site. Use your website URL as the forum signature in the participation.

Off page website optimization

Submit your product feeds in the Google and yahoo products

You can use the Face book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn to promote your website and business.

You can do link exchange work in the bloggers.

Add shopping widgets in the e commerce website so that it can make people to shop easily and share their shopping experience with their friends through the social media buttons.

Tell about your products, offers and its services through the press release

You can add your websites in the Top directories and local listings so that the when the customers who have purchased with you in the online finds your website in those directory or listing can post the reviews about the services

ranking factors in google


E- Mail marketing – This is one of the most important communication channels because it is a higher return on investment. You can just collect the e-mail of the potential and purchased customer and then you can send a mail to those people regarding the new offers, any exciting prizes, lucky draw and much more.

Displaying Ads: You can spend your money in the ads that is you can involve in SEM [Search Engine Marketing]

SEM – Increase the visibility in search engines through the optimization and advertising.

You can advertise the website offers and in case if there is any new product that has been placed in the site then you can roll out the ads in the Google sponsored and your ads will be placed in the major sites. A campaign will be conducted for this and it is a big process to be continued for this.

You need a experienced SEM organization to run this ads and turn your Rs.1, 00000 to Rs.20, 0000.

We are best in running the campaigns and offering the clients 10 times more than they have given the money for ad display.




Now we can clearly say that E-commerce website plays a fundamental part of e-business involving buying and selling of goods and services electronically. Therefore, the e-commerce website you are developing must fulfill all the requisites you need sufficiently.

In that case, we, at Blazedream purvey all the necessary features that your website must have. Our concern encompasses a best e commerce web development company in India that suits your customers comfortable in all way.

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