BlazeDream Successfully Launches 3 Windows Mobile Apps

BlazeDream Speed Dial App – For a Real Speed Dialing On Windows Mobile


We are once again pleased to announce that BlazeDream, Web Development Company has also proved its talent in the field of Mobile Application Development. We have Published 3 Windows Mobile apps in windows market store successfully, namely Speed Dial, Contacts Backup and Brain Memory.

Speed Dial App

Speed Dial, an innovative mobile application that allows users to set 28 speed dial numbers, may be a group of contacts on a single screen. Our app recalls your old phone speed dial facility.


Few of our Speed Dial features are:

Brain Memory App

1. Easy to pick up contacts from phone book

2. Permits Manual Entry

3. Stored in app local database

Our Speed Dial App App Is Just $0.99

Our Other Apps

ContactsBackUp App


Brain Memory App

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