Build Great Apps Using The Top 5 Mobile App Building Platforms

There are a plethora of app building platforms that create and develop apps without burning a hole in your pocket. We have listed our favorite top 5 mobile app development platforms and tools.


Sencha platform helps to build a rich native-like app with a superior user experience. This framework is specifically built for the Mobile Web. Sencha framework equips web developers to build an amazing mobile application experience using HTML5 and Java. Sencha touch fits in the most demanding app needs. Sencha Touch will win your heart with plethora of widgets readily available out of the box.


Appcelerator is an open-source framework that allows the development of mobile apps on platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It serves multitude of industries including:
• Retail
• Financial services
• Healthcare and
• Government

Apps built with Appcelerator products are written in JavaScript. It provides integrated cloud services and an extensive library of application extension in its module marketplace.


PhoneGap android development framework, can easily build mobile apps using web technologies. It allows developers to immediately see changes while they are developing the apps. Also, being a cross-platform application, PhoneGap is built for HTML5, CSS as well as JavaScript development.

This framework is funded by Adobe and Apache. The framework is more used like a package deployment instead of a whole development environment. It comes with integrated Cordova Web View and most support optional integration.

JQuery Mobile:

JQuery Mobile is a touch optimized framework. This HTML5-based user interface system is specially designed to make responsive web sites and apps that can be accessed using Smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. JQuery mobile is designed to simplify and enhance the development of mobile web applications by integrating HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and jQuery UI into one framework. It gives rich installed application-like experience on newer mobile platforms that is not only robust, but maintainable and organized. is a cloud based platform that makes it fast and simple to build hybrid and mobile web apps that are connected to APIs. You can build hybrid mobile web apps for iOS and Android, which run directly in the browser via our visual App Builder. It allows you to build advanced services with various enterprise data sources. You can use the database to store anything your app requires. framework has integrated the Ionic SDK to give developers the ability to more easily build hybrid mobile apps.

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