Why Build Websites with Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel framework development is a free, open source framework of PHP, which follows Model View Control (MVC) model. It is one of the important representatives of a new generation of PHP frameworks and has shown reliable supremacy over several other platforms.

This powerful development company provides efficient tools, components and designs for developers to create web applications in an easy manner. This easy to deploy framework is currently powering many modern websites. It stands out among various other frameworks especially because of its semantic and creative syntax. It is the most preferred PHP framework for developing websites and web applications.
Now let us explore the benefits for developing web applications using this powerful framework.


The Laravel development company ships with an amazing command line tool called Artisan. Developers usually interact with the Laravel framework using this command line that creates and manages the project environment. With artisan you can easily manage the database system, since you can create the database structure and skeleton code quickly. This wonderful tool allows the users to perform the majority of complicated and tedious programming tasks that most of them avoid to perform manually. You can generate the MVC files easily using generate the basic MVC files and also manage the configurations.

MVC Architecture:

Laravel follows the MVC pattern, which ensures clarity between presentation and logic. This MVC architecture enhances performance and allows better documentation.

Unit Testing:

Laravel framework is built while keeping unit testing in mind. This feature of Laravel has made many programmers to love it. The framework runs several tests to make sure that modifications done by users don’t break anything in the web app.


Laravel PHP framework is shipped with several in-built lightweight templates that enable one to create great layouts with dynamic content. The framework has several widgets including CSS and JS code.


Security plays an integral role while developing applications. Laravel ensures the security of the application within its framework. It uses prepared SQL statements, Bcrypt hashing algorithm and salted and hashed password techniques for ensuring the safety of your applications.


Laravel has an amazing Migration’s feature that enables you to spread the database structure of the app without the need of recreating it every time you tend to make a change. The chances of losing development data are quite less. Its schema builder allows the developers to create database tables and also insert columns without writing any code.


Laravel PHP framework is built on more than 19+ different libraries and is itself divided into separate segments. Its unique and modern PHP principles, allows users to build responsive, modular web applications.

It’s high time to create a prodigious web application with robust features using the best PHP web application framework ~ Laravel.

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