Classified Websites Emerging as a Million Dollar Business in India

In this world of strife, each of us aspires to get more amicable ambiance in spending one’s own life. Every single being in the society has the urge for living a better and cultured environment and butter up the life. So, for this impulse, and to accomplish all the needs with bliss, internet serves as an anytime help-mate.

It’s a great time to choose a new drift in making money, online. Web design Business is known for its rapid development in the last few years and it’s a child’s play to run a business from home, right in front of the computer. One of the most reachable internet businesses is classified web development business, for which the door’s always open.

Classified Website

Top Classified Sites in India

A wholesome of 6million people made it sure that classifieds web design is the most productive way to gain people’s attention, which also reaps a bag full of bucks by boosting up the traffic.

Can you believe that online classified advertising in India is Rs. 800crore business?

Because of the abrupt growth of small scale industries and businesses in India, classified web designing tend to flourish at a faster rate. It is the main cause that many classified portal which were established worldwide, became most successful in India. stands right up front with daily income of $3000 and ranked 995 by Alexa, and the crew of 5 people did a wonder by just making it up within 2 years. prevail second position and they made this within a year with daily income of $2500 and 1100 in Alexa rank. Quikr is an Indian arm of eBay classifieds. Design makes the difference between ClickIndia and Quikr.

Fabrice Grinda, whose overall annuity is $5 million per annum, is the founder of and which is growing breakneck. He is an economics graduate and showed the universe that how it’s possible to earn elephantine with a few PHP pages., is the sites that stand strong in fourth and fifth place. Every classified web designers are showing their keen interest in developing the websites with a new look and making the site innovative, interactive, easy handling thus making it lively.

Ways of Promoting the Classified Sites

A foremost reason for the boom of classified web development is that in order to promote their products, people tend to create a lot of content on the website. It means a huge feed for Google, although of low search value they add up slowly to make it reachable through search engines. Hence classified websites grow with the help of more number of pages having low search value.

Classified Websites

The potential of the classified web design is to turn a visitor into a purchaser by including additional features, which magnetize the people’s mind and make them shopaholic. Targeting the customers and promoting the products is one way of marketing style and another is to persuade the visitors to buy the products by various aspects. Pioneers like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have also started their own classified Websites.

Thus by emphasizing comments, post, discussion, forums and making the spot for entries like location, pin code and categorizing the products under various fields and services. Experts in the classified web development field can make wonder by driving away most of the visitors to the expected sites.

The various services that Classifieds web Designers can mark up on:

    • Time frame setting for listing to run
    • Catalogue Management / Advanced List
    • Image Uploading along with thumbnail feature
    • Number of images to limit in per listing
    • Payment providers which is Pre-installed
    • Fee per day for Extension of advertisements
    • Buying options for classifieds
    • Featured Classified Ads
    • Front Page Classifieds gallery
    • Bold and Highlighted ads
    • Paid/Free Images for ads
    • Internal messaging system for buyers and sellers
    • Email alerts for buyers and sellers
    • User friendly control panel for Buyers and Sellers
    • Administrator Control to add/edit/delete categories

 When many can do miracles by owning classified sites, why don’t we make a try??!

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