Joomla : A Powerful Content Management System

Joomla is a content management system that’s written in PHP which is commonly used for web development, it’s a freeware software and has many features so that you can design your website according to your preferences and needs.

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Joomla is quite popular in World Wide Web, The technology is based on PHP and MySQL and it also has features like the RSS, printable pages, developer, banners and modules, this software is free of any cost and is of open source in nature.

What are the benefits of using Joomla for your website?

  • Joomla contents are dynamic and it can be changed easily.
  • Contents can be easily added, edited and updated using Joomla.
  • There are a lot of custom extensions available for Joomla that you can use to add features in your website.


Joomla Website Design Know the Advantages You Can Gain


  • You can revamp your website without loosing the old content by using the templates.
  • Joomla provides automatic user management system so that you can manage a whole user base with this feature.


You can restrict the website contents only to registered persons alone.

It is a comprehensive content management system where you can easily modify the templates without any hurdles, and the support system is also there. Joomla is highly supportive when it comes to multiple languages.

Close Tags: To write a bug free code it is very important to close the empty tags such as, by and respectively that can be easily validated by various validator applications

Small letters: To give a different dimension to your code Try to write tags in small letters such a way that validator tools understands it.

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Quotes: It’s better to quote the values of attributes such as or etc., it is good for writing the code in appropriate format and you can use this when you want the browser to match the various validation standards.

Doctype Declaration: Using Doctype at the beginning of document is an amazing way to tell the validator about the version of html document to use for checking syntax errors.

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In order to provide effective web solutions to client most of the web development companies are using Joomla as well as content management systems, Therefore, Joomla can be the best choice for those, who want to develop well-formed and quality web applications in less time, It does not require much of expert knowledge for application development due to various flexible modules, as it is easy to convert PSD to Joomla template.

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