Drive your Potential Audience with Alluring Content

Content Marketing is not a new terminology, especially for those delving in Digital Marketing. Regardless of countless technologies and algorithm updates springing up, “content” continues to remain the king in the kingdom of Internet. With millions of blogs being published everyday, the Content Marketing sector is growing like never before.

Content will remain for years for the following reasons:

  • Speaks directly to your clients

  • Accessible

  • Great for SEO – Increases traffic & leads

  • Encourages engagement & loyalty

  • Adds value to your products & services

It is the key component that brings digital marketing strategies to the forefront. Albeit we are all aware of the fact that great emphasis should be laid on creating rich, unique and high-quality content for gaining our target potentials. We aren’t actually aware of what type of content one should create to ensure they stay ahead of their business rivals.

1. Real time content:

Real time is currently the new type of content trending everywhere! Your customers – be it an adult or children they are constantly viewing videos and reading content to stay updated with what’s happening. Harness the power of real-time content to stand unique amidst your competitors.

Studies show that nearly 76 % of people reported an increase in their brand reach and conversion through real-time content marketing.

So what you should do?

Keep an eye on what’s going viral and craft content on the same – ( for instance, Burger King & McDonald’s McWhooper idea ) will significantly increase your brand engagement.

2. Interactive Content:

Advertising can help you win more audience for your business and also you can effectively get them to visit your website but that is not sufficient to increase your brand engagement.

So how to increase your brand engagement?

Puzzles, quizzes and surveys have proven to be the best ways to drive audience and increase engagement.

You can conduct contests, surveys through email or personalized messages and send gifts to the winners to be sure to drive in more audience to your website.

3. Images:

One of the best ways to keep customers hooked to your social pages is to create images with customer-centric content – this could be motivational quotes, posts or humorous memes. Apart from the fact that images are liked by many web audience, they are also the ones that are increasingly shared in social media platforms incomparison to videos.

4. Videos:

You can simply educate your clients about your products & services by creating and sharing animated videos. With the rise in popularity of live streaming videos, you can very well share live videos of events and functions taking place at your organization. DIY isn’t a new term, especially if you very creative! Make your audience to cling with your products by ceating inspirational and interesting DIY videos. We’re sure they can get you a hell of a lot of comments for your posts.

What’s next? So get your target audience by playing with these types of contents in your website and social pages.

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