Create Your Websites With Ease Using CakePHP Based CMS

CakePHP is one of the best open source web application framework which provides an extensible architecture for creating, managing and publishing PHP based applications. If you are a CakePHP lover and if you need to create simple sites or applcations, maybe you can consider useing one of the CakePHP based CMS with the help of Cakephp developers Chennai than developed yourself from scratch. Some useful CakePHP based Content Management System are.

Croogo – CakePHP Powered CMS

Croogo is a Multilingual Content management system built with using CakePHP MVC framework. It is a free open source which is released under MIT License.This helps user to create their own content type such as blog, node, page, etc. Users can categories their content with Taxonomy and it also offers WYSIWYG Editor for easily edit your content directly from browser.

Wildflower – A CakePHP CMS and application platform

Wildflower which is built on CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library, is an open source content management system (CMS) and application platform. It is standards based, open source and user friendly CMS released under MIT License.


OvenCMS is an open source CakePHP powered content management system (CMS), built on the CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. OvenCMS is fully modularized CMS and has many working plugins (modules). OvenCMS are ideal not only for small site but also for large-scale community websites and corporate applications. Through Cakephp development Chennai you can develop websites of your choice.

CupCake CMS

CupCake CMS is an Open Source Content Management System built using CakePHP. It offers web designers a simple and easy to deploy tool to manage content in small and medium sized websites. It does not require programming of a single line of code also. It does not require the knowledge of html since it’s easy edition and WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor), allows users to create and update contents.

CupCake CMS is a lightweight and design-oriented content management system, meant for quick deployment of sites, and for those who are familiar with other open source CMS applications CupCake CMS would be an easy one to use.

Lumad CMS

Lumad CMS is an open source content management system, which provides Cakephp developer Chennai with a quick, simple interface to manage small websites. It is not a community-driven CMS like Drupal, nor is it a workflow-driven, enterprise CMS like Typo3.

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