Creative Solutions For Fashion Websites By Blazedream

The color scheme-The Color scheme in our Leading Web Designing Company  is breathtaking. Our design has been developed over a fluid layout with an interface which, despite not being very intuitive, allows us to browse with ease. The interactive experience is top drawer.

Madras institute of fashion technology

Homepage-Fashion industry is always looking for the latest trend to absorb and then spread it to the rest of the world, without a shadow of a doubt, photography is the main focus of the majority of fashion websites these days; they look great and they showcase the product to perfection. Our designs apply bleeding edge techniques to the architecture and navigation of their pages; trendsetting & transcending into inspirational technology.

MIFT Design Works

Gallery-The main objective of a fashion website is to keep the viewer in the site enough time for him or her to see the last collection of the product. Our sites are carried away by a sea of high quality images played out. The site we designed is also constructed with a fluid layout in which images from the collection are presented in a dynamic grid.

MIFT Gallery

Responsive web design-Responsive web design focused on fashion visual content: collection gallery. The information is mainly distributed in grid-format. Responsive is well-implemented. Mobile navigation is intuitive despite the heavy graphic content which doesn’t affect performance but blend together the latest visual and technological trend.

MIFT Mobile version

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