Web Analytics To Measure Your Website Success

Web Analytics, the great way for web developers to know how successful their websites are performing & examine how well their online stores are working. Once, the webmasters integrates the web analytics code into the websites, they can access huge range of useful reports. These reports provide a detailed study of the success of the website & online store and enable the webmaster to improve their website business & sales.

Importance of Analytics and Metrics:
When you’re running a website, as an online competitor you would like to know how well your site is performing in internet. Also, you have an interest how much of profit is achieved through internet and what are the causes behind such business sales & profit.

Using analytics tool like Google Analytics, the web developer can access all this useful data relatively easily, measure how well the site is performing and can track down the specific details required.

Key Metrics for Measuring Success:
After setting the analytics account for your website, you can track some of the useful data & metrics you’re looking for. Some of the important metrics that explores your website performance are:

•  Conversion rate
•  Bounce rate
•  Pages per visit
•  Time on site
•  Goal funnels
•  AdWords campaigns

Overall Reveal Of Analytics:
Analytics help you to measure the overall activity of the visitor in your website. Generally, when ever a visitor comes to the site, you can have a detailed study of their interactions, statistical report to develop & design your website and what is working & what isn’t working.

•  Website visitor’s hits
•  Keyword hits
•  Demographics / Geography of the hits
•  Visitors view via search engines like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc
•  Site Usage like No of Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Site, New Visits
•  Traffic Sources Overview includes Direct Traffic, Search Engines, Referring Sites and Other
•  Total Conversions of Goals for Business Enquiry forms, Contact-Us forms, Job Enquiry forms etc.
•  How the visitor navigated the site
•  Time taken for the website to load
•  How long the visitors stayed in the website
•  Visitor’s entry page & exit page
•  Page that visitor spent their most of the time
•  Pages that visitors clicked while on the website
•  Any broken links

Setting up the analytics account is very simple & easier task which should be done immediately, if you’re serious about your online business. Surprising amount of intelligence is offered in the analytics reports and you will be much more educated about your website business & online storefront and also it enables you to track & analyze these reports.

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