Difference between Website Designers and Website Developers

Often, end-users confuse the term web designer with web developer. But, w

eb professionals easily understand the concept that website design is completely different from web development and use their significance similarly. It’s better to understand the difference before hiring an expert.

Web design is a process of designing a web page layout for website interface using programs like Photoshop, flash to enhance the look & feel of the website. Designers utilizes the artistic talent and knowledge of savvy design focusing on the color chosen, text placed, graphic designs, images, font styles and so on. Their main function is to develop an effective interface between the customer, management and web development team. The website design should be created in such way that it should easily communicate the product or services or the core business of the company.

Web development is a process of programming/coding the backend structure of the website. Typically, developers deal with writing the functional code to process the data. It describes the database-driven web designs created using dynamic scripting languages like PHP, ASP, ASP .NET and Coldfusion. Development refers to many non-design aspects of developing a website from simple static xhtml page.

Design involves what users see on the web, while development involves the site functionality.

The web design created should be friendly for the functionality customized in web development; likewise the functionality created for web development should also be design friendly.

Often, web design and development company use the term web design to refer the entire web development of the site. This is because it is a common term recognized by the users in the market. It is better to clarify what services the company offers before signing up the contract.

Anyhow, the web designer and web development programmer are two different people who have to work together to assure that the website can do anything for the site owner.

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