Whom Should you Choose to Build your Site?

Generally when we want to build a website for our business, we order one from one of the following options, when we don’t really have the right specialists in hand.

  • Freelancers,

  • From a company that specializes in design,

  • From a company that specializes in Internet marketing.

But what are the pros and cons of each approach? Let’s delve into them:

What will happen if you build a website from freelancers?

Upon ordering your website from a freelancer, you’re actually undertaking risk of getting a poor-quality solution. We don’t envy them, but our experience in the IT industry shows that creating a site from a team of freelancers is not enough.

But why?

The general formula for creating a website is that you will need at least a few specialists – a designer, a copywriter with SEO knowledge, and a programmer. But the real fact, is that these people lack communication among them and do their part of the work at their convenient time – the ultimate result is that the quality of the final product suffers.

The main thing is that due to lack of communication between them, they forget to consider important things, for instance, registering meta tags on the pages. The result is a site that is inefficient in all aspects.

What will happen if you build a website from a company that specializes only in Design:

Creating a website in a company that specializes only in web design can cost you more than getting your job done with a freelancer.

But why?

Albeit in this approach you will make a really beautiful site, made up with modern designs and images, the problem lies here – you will have to order texts and search engine optimization of the site separately. Here, the problem is the design is already ready, but the site structure is not optimized for search engines. And when you hand over your work to a Digital Marketing Company, you will most likely have to redesign the already created design. And this is extra time and money.

Why the creation of a site needs to be ordered from a Digital Marketing company?

If you want the site to immediately start bringing traffic( otherwise what is it for?), then you should order its creation in a company that can not only develop beautiful designs but also optimize it for search engines.

They do lot more than design creation:

  • Analysis of the traffic of competitor sites

  • Creating a site structure in the form mind map,

  • Providing a positive user experience.

  • Writing texts (copywriter, editor, proofreader)

  • Hosting the site, checking, debugging

  • Adaptive and cross-browser layout and programming (layout, programmer)

  • Determining the structure of sites, creating a mind map

  • Creating design layouts for desktops and mobile devices (designer)

  • Prescribing meta tags

  • Optimize the speed of site load

Can a top-notch design studio or freelancers do all these works? In most cases, no.

How do we do this?

It’s simple. Experts in all areas of Internet marketing, we communicate with each other, discuss your project and accomplish all the works with the assistance of other specialists.

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