Does Splash Pages Are Bad For SEO Ranking

Typically, a splash website is not often used in most websites. The splash pages are considered as dead pages and most of the web designers do not suggest in their web designs. It serves to enhance the look and feel of the application or website and hence often creates visually appealing screens with animations, graphics and sounds and skip intro link. Splash websites attracts the attention of the end users, but it does not attract the attention of search engine spiders which result in non-beneficial to the site owner.

Search engine spiders and splash
Search engine spiders rely on text links of a web page which should be developed in such a way that it is more end-users friendly. Previously, if there is no content in the entry page like text, images flash movie and graphics, the content of the web page is not read and indexed by the search engine spiders. Till now, flash are unreadable by search engine spiders.

The algorithms are getting changed every now and then in major search engines and they are tried to programmed to read and index the content of the flash. Title tag and Meta tags with keywords & description helps the spider to index the web pages, but the absence of links and content daunt the overall ranking of the keywords. Moreover, splash pages add another level to the website. Usually spiders crawl only the first three levels of the website to index and rank the pages.

Splash pages in search results
Search engines crawl splash pages, but it never shows the URL in the search results. If you search for any keyword in search results, you can find minimal information about the page in the search results. At least a page with Meta descriptions and title tag will considered for search results, as there is no text on the web page to index.

Importance of entry page
As search engine spider follows the text link of the main content in the website, nothing will be found when they enter the splash page. As splash pages contain no text, spiders will return back without indexing the web page. To make the webpage more useful to the end users and search engine, just add good keyword-rich text on every page of the website. Content is what both users and spiders are looking for. Rather than having a page with images, graphics and flash, add some text links in the content on the entry page. Websites should talk about the company and their products and services on the entry page tend to catch the attention of the users and making use of your product.

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