Set Out To Conquer Your Business

BlazeDream accompanies you in the creation of your e-commerce website development. We also help you in the complete redesign and optimization of your online store. We have been working for 20 years on a proven methodology allowing us to design your sales tools in a collaborative way. You bring us your business expertise, we bring you our e-commerce expertise.

UX / UI Design

This step allows us to discuss the 3 pillars of e-commerce:

  • Your offer
  • Your target
  • Your competitors

After a complete observation and gathering the requirements, we proceed developing the design file including creation of ergonomics and the description of the features of your future site.
This phase also allows us to carry out an Analytics audit of the existing site in the event of a redesign and to carry out competitive benchmarks in order to position the best in terms of perceived values, services and accessibility.

Graphic Creation

Our graphic designers are at your disposal for the creation of your logo, the web design of the site, the newsletters, the commercial banners and the declensions print. The team will create the layout of the homepage as well as the templates validated in design.


  • Create a sober and efficient graphic
  • Modernity and comfort will rhyme with Conversion Rate
  • E-commerce standards should not be left behind

E-Commerce Solutions

From ready-to-wear to grocery stores to car rims … BlazeDream has completed a number of E-Commerce projects, each with different issues to manage. These are the issues that make our E-Commerce solution and our team mature and that they can perfectly meet your needs.

Put Into Production

Once we’re done with the development, the e-commerce website will go through a complete scrutiny in the test phase. After the final phase of test we’ll handover the e-commerce site to you.
The uploading is done either on our servers or on the one of your choice.

Follow-Up And Accompaniment

Putting your site online is a great step, but now you have to work on 3 essential things:

  • To bring visitors to your site
  • Make them buy
  • Retain them

All while remaining alert to changes in the market and competitors. Our SEO and Digital Marketing team will take care of your online presence and objectives.


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