How safe are your Online Payments?

Online shopping is big business today! Many people shop online and use their credit cards to pay for the purchases made. Ecommerce web Development  is taking hold over the mode people shop in several countries including India. Using the internet we make payments to credit card, utility, phone and insurance to save our time and effort but considering the safety and security on the other hand is critical.

According to a recent study, online retail markets have really doubled in China, Germany and UK.

This has highly grabbed the attention of cyber criminals. Payment gateways are a primary target for the cyber criminals today. They are very cautious in exploiting the benefits of affordability and convenience.

Ways to secure online payment gateway:

  • Never install unnecessary tools and software’s in your system.
  • Buy a laptop or desktop with an original OS.
  • Don’t install pirated software or free software.
  • Update your operating system and browser regularly.
  • Create complex password and change it once in 30 days for better security.
  • Don’t use auto save feature in your system.
  • Never open spam emails.
  • Always make sure you never download any files from an unknown user.

Secure online payment gateway in Mobile Devices:

The percentage of mobile users is expected to reach 5 billion by 2019.

60% of the world population owns a mobile device.

We generally think about our mobile’s camera quality, battery power, resolution and always miss out mobile security from our list. Similar to desktops, the mobile devices are equally subject to piracy. Android systems usually those with qualcomm chip and Marshmallows are subjected to such attacks. So if your using your mobile device for online payment gateways, then your transaction information’s might be tracked by cyber criminals for illegal purposes.

  • Never run or download unauthorized apps in your mobile phone.
  • Don’t use any free wifi network
  • Never download files from unknown users
  • Update your Android software regularly
  • Check the apps compatibility before downloading it.


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