How safe are your Online Payments? – Part 2

The revolution of ecommerce has resulted in the rise of online shopping. Consumers are spending most of their time in Online shopping these days. Today shoppers are going to the web for everything from buying a small pen to buying a big luxurious car.  Several surveys have also estimated that they are making their purchases more online than in stores.


More than 5,000 consumers make a minimum of two online purchases in duration of three months.

As online sales accelerates so does the usage of online payment gateways. Though the online payment gateways are convenient, some consumers feel the lack of reliability for usage.  Since many ecommerce websites are up with offers this season, we have put down some tips for safe and secure online shopping.

  • Switch Debit Cards to secure payment services

Generally credit cards and other secure payments like PayPal offer more security for the purchases in comparison to debit cards. Since in the former payments your purchase made is no way linked to the cash you own and moreover there are many other benefits you can be privileged with while making payments over such services. Since credit cards have a limit on the amount you purchase, you can be on a safer side on circumstances of stolen information. These providers deliver the payment onto the retailer on behalf of the consumers.


  • Never opt for Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi instincts almost everyone. From cafes to small restaurants, free or low cost Wi-Fi services are in tune today. All the conveniences that come from such no cost services can pose serious risk to you. Most of these hotspots are seriously unsecure and can pose more vulnerability to the consumers.

  • Be careful of too good

You should really be wary of something that is too good and especially when it comes for online shopping. You would have definitely come across some ecommerce sites that offer some extremely unbelievable offers on some occasions. So before you jump over them, stay cautious because there might be a lot of scam hooked up. You should be doubly cautious when it comes to festive seasons sales.

  • Look out for Lock symbol and Https

Https is a secure protocol, which encrypts the information for securing and protecting the data that transmitted. The letter “s” in the word Https stands for secure. Usually the https websites are preceded with a padlock symbol indicating it’s secure. These websites are known to be secure because SSL -Secure Sockets Layer to encrypt information.

  • Stick to Reputed Brands

The last thing you should be aware of is that it is recommended that you stick to reputed, high-end brands. They not only guarantee quality but also security for your purchases made via them. Also be careful that many fraudsters are fooling online audience by creating highly appealing website design and layout.

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