Effective SEO Techniques For Traffic Acquisition

The acquisition of traffic is essential in a Digital Marketing Strategy.  By generating traffic to your site from the search engines that you turn strangers into visitors and potential future customers. With so much research done every day, SEO remains a key lever to operate.


In 2018, 3,788,140 Google searches are performed every minute.

How to increase your visibility with SEO and generate qualified traffic on your site?

  1. Optimize your website to generate traffic

  2. Invest in online advertising

  3. Work on your influence marketing

  4. Measure and improve your performance

An acquisition channel is a lever for generating traffic to your website. Some like social, e-mailing and direct traffic imply that the visitor already knows your business. New customers will arrive on your website rather via referring sites, natural referencing, paid search or another online advertising format.

 Optimize your SEO to generate traffic

Internet users perform several searches every day. Today the search is also vocal. This phenomenon has radically changed research behaviors. Queries are longer and users are asking real questions to search engines.

If you make the pages of your website answer the questions that visitors ask you, then you will generate traffic. By targeting the keywords sought by your audience, SEO will allow you to acquire qualified traffic.

Invest in online advertising

The search results page has changed a lot in recent years. The online advertising  has invaded social media but also the search engines. In certain sectors of activity, only one or two sites are visible naturally on the first screen.

The issue of visibility has become paid. Investing in an advertising campaign can therefore generate traffic on your website. In SEA you pay by click that is to say that you only pay if there is traffic acquisition. Although expensive, advertising campaigns are levers that control your ROI and get results quickly.

Measure and improve your performance

Working on SEO and SEA comes down to working on your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). And as in any marketing campaign, it is essential to measure. In SEO, you define targets, goals to achieve, KPIs and you do campaign reporting. Performance monitoring validates the achievement of objectives.

In SEO, maintaining one’s positions and thus positioning goals is a challenge in itself. Frequent reporting allows you to react quickly in the event of a drop in traffic. With effective performance monitoring you can drive traffic to your site in a sustainable way.

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