Mobile PPC: An Effective Way to Improve Your Click Through Rate

In the entire world, Majority of an adult owns a mobile device; half of the online media is consumed via mobile device. User experience on mobile device is much convenient than the desktop, so you need to learn the hacks of handling a mobile device.

You can use mobile PPC techniques to optimize your Adwords mobile performance

Mobile users are goal-oriented and people spend time in searching the internet differently with mobile devices, whereas desktop users idly spend time in browsing. When you are out with your friends and you need to know a piece of information now, your mobile device can very well help you to solve this at the blink of an eye.

  • You can locate directions
  • Compare prices
  • Find an answer to an issue on your mind in that moment using a smart phone.

According to the searcher the behavior of ad customizer can dynamically change the text in your ads. You can insert placeholder text that will adapt to specific circumstances, the customizers commonly include:

  • Countdowns to the end of a sale
  • Special pricing
  • Inventory levels for limited stocks
  • Location-based information

The device preference is an important attribute that can detect an impression in your mobile device and changes your ad customizers.  The goal oriented mobile searchers can choose your ad by leveraging your ad customizers intelligently.

Ad extensions are essential aspect of Mobile PPC due to the invention of touch screen; this is one of the cheapest and the easiest way to improve the click rate through mobile device.

The Following are the list of Ad Extensions that are available:

  • Reviews
  • Sitelinks to valuable pages
  • Locations and directions
  • Business feature call outs
  • Social media influence
  • “Call Now” buttons

Smart Phones gives access to people to use internet at any time. The advertisers should keep themselves updated about mobile ppc in order to compete with today’s changing world.

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