Google’s Senior Android Product Manager Erick Tseng Shifts to Facebook

Erick Tseng, the Senior Product Manager Android of Google depart from the company and join the other big internet player Facebook as head of mobile and social.

The move has not been announced by the company, but Erick tseng confirmed the news clearly in twitter. Tseng says,

“I am about to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life. Heading to #Facebook on Monday to create innovate at intersect of mobile and social”.

As per the profile in LinkedIn, Erick has been the product manager for most of the big internet sector bar AOL and twitter. He worked with Microsoft, Yahoo and spent hardly 4 years with Google and now apparently shifting to Facebook.

Erick tseng was a senior product manager working on Android and also involved with the inception of the nexus one. He was one of the people in-charged of Google phone’s launch event earlier this year.

He completes his computer science & electrical engineering from MIT and MBA in general management, entrepreneurship from Stanford. Most are trying to figure out, what Erick will be doing in Facebook. I think he will be leading works on social networking company’s android app and mobile products. Also, he will be working closely with Facebook executive team by executing their hugely important mobile strategy.

Facebook confirms that Erick will be taking a leading role at the company. He will be joining Facebook as the head of mobile products.

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