How A (FAN)tastic Facebook Page Should Look Like – Tips And Tricks

You may already be using Facebook for personal reasons such as keeping up with your friends or sharing photos, but the idea of running a business page on the world’s largest social network might still seem intimidating. Below are the few tips you need to implement in order to create a profitable fan page on Facebook that attracts new visitors and creates raving fans that turn into potential customers.

facebook fan page

Choose the name wisely
It is essential that you have a name for your facebook fan page which can be simple but attractive and attention grabbing. Since it is your business Facebook page, the name should reflect your or your service (product) nature and, at the same time, be catchy and memorable. An important aspect to note is that once your fan page grows facebook will not permit you to make any name change, so you need to research and be very convinced that the name you chose is the best for the fan page.

choosing wise name

Add Unique Profile Image
The profile image should be relating to your business and communicative enough. Make it 200px wide so that the system won’t resize it automatically.

unique profile image

Make Your Fan Page Interactive
It is essential that you make your facebook fan page both informative as well as interactive. You can announce free gift or a free book or free tickets to a concert, just something free and make your offer tempting to entice and attract all your visitors. You can also ask your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to join with this innovative offer. You should also leave a comment thanking people who joined the page and invite others to give it a try.

Make Your Visitors Think
You can include some basic components like discussions, poll, leave – a – comment, suggestion sites so that your fans would feel you care about what they think and thank each one personally. Do not hide ‘’bad criticisms’’ as they will be blown open to everyone on your page by the distressed fan, instead take time to respond to it and deal with it in a simple, smooth and straight forward manner to satisfy the fan.

make your visitor think

Design a catchy Landing Page
You can attract more fans, by designing more expressive and original page design through web developers India. The landing page should be such that, it should help you get Facebook fans. Hence you can offer something special for them in return for liking your brand: it may be promos, contests, discount coupons, exclusive info, and much more. Also, you can make use of a call-to-action graphics in the landing tab to get more “Likes” from the page visitors.

Provide high quality content to your fans
It is necessary that you provide your fans information to learn more about your company, product or services which they usually cannot do on your facebook fan page, it is advisable to create blogs and websites that they can go to and learn more. Remember to put the ‘url of your website’ and the link of your blog to your fan page so that it helps to generate traffic to your page.

provide high quality content

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