A Glimpse On: How To Become Exceptional in Digital Marketing 2020

BlazeDream has investigated how companies are positioned in digital marketing. In this article “The Digital Marketing 2020” you can identify corresponding trends, tendencies and challenges.

Companies have recognized many ways to connect with their audiences through Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, there are still too few who have a well thought-out strategy for doing so. Most companies are overwhelmed by the many options and trends. To avoid blind actionism and wrong investments, marketing executives should focus on their business goals and customers. An external challenger can help with the outside view.

In Focus:

  • Trends in Social Media

  • Trends in Content Marketing

  • Trends in Search Engine Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends

Trends in Social Media Marketing

Social media is establishing itself in the digital marketing mix: companies are increasingly relying on professional, well thought-out measures. These are based on strategies with validated targets and sustainable, data-driven methods. More than half of the companies create these in-house. For the implementation companies look for agencies.

One third of the respondents have external planning campaigns, content creation or monitoring and analytics. Nearly 90 percent of companies surveyed use Facebook – regardless of size and industry. Nearly half of the respondents use the LinkedIn business platform, which overrides Xing. Just as many companies use Twitter, product based agencies use Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important tool in digital marketing, in which companies invest: in 2018 respondents across the globe have spent eight billion dollars on content marketing. More than half of the respondents have already operated content marketing with their own strategy. Approximately 75 percent of the marketers create the content internally, almost as many maintain the content itself.

Agencies are more likely to assume the role of strategic advisor in content marketing. Only one third of the marketers assess target group relevance and personalized content as a success factor. Little influence they attribute to journalistic quality, SEO-optimized editing and storytelling. In view of this misjudgment, it is hardly surprising that the majority find it difficult to arouse user interest with their own content.

Trends in Search Engine Marketing

If you want to position your company on the web, you need search engine marketing. SEM is particularly important in order to be visible in the long term and cost-effectively. An SEO-optimized website also benefits from trends such as voice search and artificial intelligence.

According to BlazeDream, the majority of our website adapts to SEM criteria. One-third thinks it takes too long for SEM to achieve visible results. Google is the preferred search engine for advertising. Search Engine Advertising is a rare topic. Classic text ads use 60 percent, 40 percent rely on display ads that appear on other websites.

If you want to achieve specific goals in your company, you must know your target group precisely. The whole goal of search engine marketing is to “get the right message to the right person at the right time.” As a leading SEM agency in India, we also make sure we can do this at the best price possible.

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