How To Choose Top Level Domains for Business

A domain is the figurehead of your internet company or website. Not only does the actual name of the domain play an important role, the domain extension, the so-called top-level domains (TLD), should also fit.

A large number of new domain extensions have been launched since 2013. This is an advantage for those whose desired domain name has already been assigned to the old TLDs or can only be obtained at horrific prices. You can also use the new endings to make your desired name more individual and memorable.

The TLDs are particularly popular among the new endings







With these domain extensions you can create great names for your website such as or

TLDs Types

There are two types of top-level domains.

gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain

These are TLDs that are not tied to a specific country and are therefore considered to be “generic”. The “original” TLDs such as .COM, .ORG, .NET, .GOV, .MIL are all classified as “generic TLDs”. There were a few rounds of “expanding” the gTLDs to the total of 22 gTLDs until the major expansion now occurred.

ccTLD: Country Code Top Level Domain

The country code TLDs are two letter TLDs that are assigned to the countries that are mainly based on the list of country codes. Examples are .in (India), .at (Austria), .ch (Switzerland) or .dk (Denmark) etc.

A special case is the TLD .eu for the European Union, which is of course not a country, but nevertheless classified as ccTLD.

The Basic problem of Domain Extensions

A problem with the new TLDs, however, is that most are still relatively unknown. It can happen that many people who read your name, for example in print advertisements, do not perceive it as a website URL.

The costs for the new extensions are quite different. Many of the new domain endings are available from $20 a year. But there are also endings that cost the user several hundred dollars a year. Domain names, which should have the extension .auto, are particularly expensive. This domain extension costs almost 3000 dollars annually.

The new Top-level Domains in Google Search

An important question that users of the new top-level domains ask themselves is whether they will be handled differently by search engines than the established domains. Google itself states that there is no difference in the rating of the new and the old TLDs. If you choose one of the new TLDs for your website, you will not have any disadvantages when placing it under Google search results. However, there are no advantages. Even if the ending of your domain contains a keyword, this hardly affects the ranking of your page. Keywords within domain names have generally lost relevance as a ranking factor.

The Easiest way to get a New Domain

Check whether your desired domain is still free.

You can check the Indian extension .in, as well as common European and international domain extensions and new TLDLs. Head To the Domain Check Tool for ALL domain endings !

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