How To Design Your Website For Better User Experience

As a renowned website design company in India, We create engaging web design that gives you measurable results and strengthens your brand.

Engaging Web Design Experience

Through good user experiences, we shall increase the interest and engagement of new and existing customers.

A good understanding of the goals and the target group is the basis for developing website design that gives results in the form of increased visibility, sales and customer satisfaction. For over 20 years we have created user-friendly and customized websites that have produced very good results for our customers. Everything we build is of course mobile-friendly and search engine optimized.

Let’s create value with exciting web design and good digital solutions!

The difference between

We who work in the industry tend to use fancy words and expressions on services in our field. The last two buzz words used extensively in our industry are UI and UX designs. But what do the words mean and what is the difference?

There are many different opinions on this, here I will explain how we use the terms and what they mean with us.

We are also very careful how we use these in communication with our customers. It is important for us that they understand what we are talking about and know what the mission entails.

UX design

For us, UX design is a way of working. We always think about those who will use the website, app or system we build. Thus, a work process that takes care of the end user in every step. Of course, your goals and wishes as a customer are also taken care of in this process.

We use the following process when working with UX design and Web design:

  • Analysis and research
  • Make hypotheses for what will be good solutions
  • Sketches / UI design
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Analyze and test
  • Implement changes and improvements

UI design

This is only part of the process. UI stands for User Interface. For us, UI is how we can design a website or app so that users find what they are looking for and get a good experience when using the solution.

Web design

For us, good web design is exactly the same as UX design. Thus, a work process that ensures that one thinks about the experience of the end-user in all stages.

5 Elements A New Website Should Have

1. Have clear goals with the new website

What do you want to achieve by creating a new website? What will it help you with?
Of course, if you have an old website, one of the goals can be to create a new website with better web design that also works well on mobile. But this is not a real goal.

For a new website to have value, it needs to have clear goals. Think about what is important for you to achieve with the website.

Some examples of goals for a new website:

  • Strengthened brand
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Generate leads
  • Sell ​​products and services
  • Support or information for customers?
  • Get more people to sign up for their newsletter
  • Get in touch with customers
  • Download an app

2. Think about who will use the website

Who are your customers / target groups and what is important to you?

When we visit the sites we are usually looking for information, you wish to obtain a task or solve a challenge.

What challenges will your website solve for your customers, or what information do they need from you when they visit your website? The website must help them to perform the desired task.


  • Buying products and services
  • Find information about specific products and services
  • Get in touch with you

The visit to the website should lead to action, for example by contacting you for purchases of services and products. This thus points back to the very purpose of building the website from point 1 .

3. Use the experience from the previous website

As in point 2, it is important to bring experience from previous web site when building a new one. Evaluate what the previous website did well and what it did not do so well.

Also look at statistics to see how the visitors are moving on the website and what content is important to them. Include this insight when creating a new website.

4. Be unique

How does your company stand out from your competitors

You must be different and unique in order to be the preferred provider of services and products within your segment. Why should your customers choose you over a competitor? The website must clarify this.

Examples of things that can be highlighted:

How do you perform services versus how competitors do it?

What are your products doing that are not competitors’ products?

Do you have higher skills or longer working hours in the industry?

Are you more personal in your dialogue with customers?

5. Availability

Make sure everyone can use your website, including people with disabilities.

Show that you think of all when you talk with customers and create inclusive web design.

This goes for such simple things as contrast, font sizes, correct tags in the code. The website should follow the WEB 2.0 standard for available content.

Remember that accessibility will also help people without disabilities. If you are on a sunny day and visitors view your website through mobile, good contrast of text and elements will help your visitors see your content better despite the strong sunlight.

Win win for everyone.

Good luck working on a new website, app or digital service.

Feel free to contact us if you want help, or visit our office in Chennai.

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