HR Management Application

Prospective employees are the rich assets of any organizations with sustainable growth. Hence the role of Human Resource Management is ought to be extraordinary as they engage in hiring the best talents for the organizations. Most of the companies have unique strategies, processes and courses of action, which are tend to be highly time consuming and ineffective for managing the workforce.

BlazeDream provides a constructive Human Resource Management Application which simplifies and automates the entire recruitment process. It is a comprehensive application that incorporates every pace of the recruitment for enrolling a candidate to the desired position from posting the job vacancies till document evaluation after joining. The overall recruitment process can be tracked and circulated to the top management.



Highlights of HR Management Application

Generally the application comes with five major flows, Super Admin, HR Admin, Management Users (Employees), Consultancy and New Candidate. This HR Management Application will fetch the required data from the existing ERP in order to process it.

– Super Admin, creates and manages the diverse users of the application.
– This application lets the HR Admin to post job vacancies, collect resumes, maintain candidate database, identify outstanding candidate, evaluate the documents and manage every course of action throughout recruitment process.
– Management Users (Employees) are allowed to refer candidates for job vacancies. Further, they can feed the scores in the record database that are afforded to the interviewed candidates.


– Consultants can view thee job vacancies and allowed to share the resumes of the desired candidates with the HR admin.
– After joining the organization, candidates have to submit scanned PDF documents in the respective accounts which will expire within a short span. Later, they will be moved to Management Users (Employees).


One of the promising features of the HR application is that it can be customized such that it perfectly matches the unique requirements of the organization. This feature-rich application will assist to set the stage for persistent growth and improve HR-related productivity.

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