Know More About Payment Gateway Transaction Processes

What Do you Mean By Payment Gateway?

When you shop a product from online, you pay for it through ecommerce application service provider that provides payment for e-business or online shopping which is commonly known as Payment Gateway.

Payment gateways are integrated to the merchant’s website where you can transmit data to credit or debit card, where they communicate to banks and figure out whether the provided data is matched or not.

Payment Gateway provides you full security, you needn’t worry about your credit card number they are highly secured. You can make purchase online by making use of credit card or debit card.

Terms That Are Related To Payment Gateway:

• E-commerce

• Web services

• Payment process.


You can buy or sell products or services through internet and this process is commonly termed as E-commerce. You can buy products from where you are and get your products delivered to you at the right time and place.

Web Services:

Web service is a combination of web design and development. Web services in general are platform independent. You can have access to web services through API (Application Program Interface)

Payment Process:

Dealing with transaction of money from buyers to business associates is known as payment process. Merchant account and Business accounts are they types of accounts namely.

How Payment Gateway Works:

The customer places the order by clicking the “place order button”, if the order is through payment gateway, the customer’s information is encrypted to be sent between the browser and the merchant’s webserver. Then the merchant acquiring bank forwards the transaction details to their payment gateway and the bank that issues the credit card to the customer. The payment gateway response will be sent back to the credit card issued bank, this response will be further enciphered and sent back to the customer, this entire process is done within few minutes.

Most Commonly used Payment Gateways:

• Cc Avenue

• Citibank


• Axis bank

• HDFC bank

• Paypal

• Verisign

• 2checkout

• World pay

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