Know The Various Languages Used For Web Application Development

Languages Used For Web Application Development

Choosing the right language is one of the main things involved in the process of web application development. The recent development in the field has provided the application developers with a number of alternatives when it comes to scripting languages. One can choose from the different types of languages. The languages used for web application development are usually classified into two types – open source and proprietary languages. Some of the web languages are:


PHP development companies india provides a range of design application, whether it is a fashion accessories site, a sports forum, a real estate business site, a chain of online shopping cart site, or even a lifestyle social networking sites. PHP has various special features to offer everyone. This not only makes php popular among the web developers but also among the site owners and promoters. Through php tool users can gain unique experience of shopping or surfing the site. Moreover it gives a unique identity to the website. It also improves the visibility of site in search engine queries and no need to say that it simply affects the business part. Whether you require a web portal, a social networking site, CRM development or CSM development, PHP will provide each requirement of yours.

This web language is completely free to use and is updated regularly than any other programming languages on the web. Due to its immense features and advantages it is one of the most favorite languages among the web developers.


This is one of the most flexible web languages. You can easily apply this language with Compiled languages like C, COBOL, Lisp, VB and with scripted language such as Jscript, Python, VBScript etc. this is the immense web language which can also be used with VisualStudio.NET, C++ Builder, and Web Matrix etc.

ASP Dot Net development/programming is used for making special types of web applications. Through .net development companies india we can develop variety of mobile application for iPhone, Blackberry etc. ASP Net programming is very constructive in recruitment solutions. It provides shopping cart with different payment gateways integration. With a very wide and vast use in the development of business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) application development it has become developer’s favorite choice.

ASP.NET application development is particularly well suited to commercial, dynamic web sites and web applications.

JSP (Java Server Pages)

Java Server Pages, which is enhanced known as JSP, is an additional open-source programming language that can be accomplish without even knowing Java Script.

Straightforward and spotless tag extensions are used in this web application development language. Moreover, this web application development language permits Java tag library developers to include simple tag handlers, which is rather ridiculous in case of other web application programming languages.


Perl is a well-liked open source programming language that is dominant and full-grown in its form. A web application developer will get roughly any tool they require from this programming language. To make this programming competent and successful in every probable way, there are large numbers of community members, who are always determined hard.

Choosing a web language is also a hard task for you to do and if you are not skilled at it you will find it difficult to know which is better for you. You can take the help of php development companies india or .net development companies india who will help you to choose a better developing tools and proper web application language which is good for your business model website.

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