Laravel – A Powerful Open Source PHP Web Framework

The spark behind creating Laravel is to develop custom web applications following the MVC (Model – View – controller) architectural pattern. Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel eases the development process by simplifying repetitive tasks used in developing most of the web applications.

How Laravel is beneficial for the clients:

  • Due to Laravel’s instinctive modular packaging systems it saves a lot of time to the end user.
  • Installation and modification process is incredibly easy.
  • Since all the codes are in-builtly controlled by Laravel it applies the finest practices when it is executed.
  • Laravel comes with a lot of in-built features which aids in template engines, dependency injection containers, service layers and a well-built code.
  • It has pre-enabled kit to secure from injection and xss attacks making it less complex for the Laravel Developers.
  • All the SQL codes are kept in a separate model files which makes the coding much easier to maintain and monitor.

Benefits of Developing an Application in Laravel:

Template Engine:

Amazing layouts with dynamic contents can be developed using Laravel framework’s built-in light weight templates. Templates are a simple and easy way to get a fully ready layout system. It has a solid structure with many widgets including CSS and JS code. Laravel framework templates are sketched to develop a simple layout with multiple sections.


Artisan is nothing but a command-line interface included along with Laravel to handle the project environment. It provides a number of helpful commands that can assist you while you build your application. This tool greatly reduces the tedious programming tasks that are manually performed by developers.

ORM (Object Relational Mapping):

Eloquent is a very powerful and expressive ORM. ORM Stands for Object Relational Mapper means each of the tables of your project is object. The Eloquent ORM that comes with Laravel makes it incredibly easy to interact with a database. The developer interacts with the said table, where every table in the database possesses a corresponding model. ORM is comparatively faster than other PHP frameworks.

All these amazing benefits of Laravel help in easy and fast development of web application. It’s high time to create a prodigious web application with robust features using the best PHP web application framework ~ Laravel. This type of framework is mostly useful in Enterprise application development. It is a promising framework and has a bright future ahead in development.

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