Top 5 Web Design Blogs You Should Watch And Contemplate

The Internet is a fast-paced growing business. To keep your site savvy, both web designers and developers must keep up with latest technologies and upgraded with simple web design strategies in mind.

Web design blogs aids to gather knowledge, information and inspiration together.

Do you really want to be updated with the current news and information regarding web designing?

If you are, then be connected with the quality web design blogs.

Today, in this fast running web world, it is mandatory to follow what’s news or what other good web designers are doing.

The following blog list has lots of useful information to read, watch and listen. Now, you can go ahead with this quality stuff.



This blog helps people to communicate and divulge effectively on the web with an engaging website and functional interface.

It is one of the highest ranking and reputable sites about web design.

Apart from controversial makeover, the content has good articles and useful information.

It furnishes spirited news for designers on the subjects ranging from CSS, Ajax and JavaScript to graphics, typography and advertising.


first web designer

The 1st Web designer is known well for its great list articles among people. It covers the list of topics such as freebies, tutorials, coding, freebies, WordPress and much more.

It is also extremely popular among people: Alexa 2000, PageRank 6.



It is the highest ranking site of everything on the list.

It is also a popular site which has a splendid Alexa ranking around 200!

Moreover, I need to mention that it is not a design site and is a general site that covers the topic which comes around tech, business, entertainment, world & US news.

Apart from that it has a strong design section in the Tech category.


smashing magazine

Alexa Ranking: around 800

Google Page Rank: 7

Smashing Magazine is the best popular design website across the Universe. It covers all the important topics including graphics, code, mobile trends, WordPress and so on.



This magazine incorporates insightful tutorials, inspirational art, design and development techniques, advertising tips, mobile development and others that are related to this topic.

Alexa Ranking: 3400

Page Rank: 6

As far this list I consider, these sites all may be good, but there may be a dozen more websites and blogs also are good to read. I had diminished the list here, which I think really useful. Apart from this, there are many other sites that are good to read.

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