Tech Giants are Embracing M-Commerce

Mobile technology has won the hearts of people from all spheres. The number of mobile users has crossed 300 million only in India. By 2020, this number is estimated to reach 6.1 billion globally. The relationship between mobile and commerce has changed significantly with the advent of internet. Rapidly developing mobile technologies will make 2017 a trendsetter for the mobile commerce industry. Since the smartphone usage continues to rise, many organizations have understood the need of M-commerce to increase their digital conversion.

There was a common preconception among many businessmen that that there were two categories of customers, store and online customers. But in reality, almost everyone who buy in store actually do online activity as well. M-Commerce definitely needs your attention. So what you can do to manage your M-commerce store?

Focus on Speed

Internet speed on mobile usually tends to be slower in mobile when compared with desktop and tablets. So if you have built your website with too much functionalities and templates then your web page might load slowly causing more delays to customers and in turn result in increased bounce rates. Thus it is essential to keep your overall website simple by implementing simple designs and basic features.

Customer support

When you want to attain success in mobile platform, customer is again the king. You should make sure your m-commerce store offers a separate section for dedicated customer support. Here this implies features like live chat, Frequently Asked Question section to help them feel that you are always available to assist them.

Application Development

Though it is necessary to keep your website mobile friendly, creating an app is equally important to get new visitors and to retain the existing ones. A simple application can feature your products and services well and also enable your customers to shop easily and efficiently. Moreover applications can help you to get closer to your customers.

Last thing, if you are unable to manage your m-commerce store then, it’s time to outsource your store with web development companies. It can be really great when your business is on the best hands. Things can become simpler for you this way. Mobile commerce will emerge as an important pillar of global retail at the end of this year.

If you’re still neglecting mobile strategy, you are actually negatively impacting your online sales and your business profitability.

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