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If you are dealing with Magento for the first time, you will quickly realize that the software architecture of the system can adapt to almost any requirement, but it also takes quite a long training time for one to be an expert magento developer.

By implementing numerous Magento projects, we know the online shop system Magento down to the last detail. Our experience is based on more than 15,000 development hours, from which you as a customer benefit to a special degree. Thanks to the high flexibility of the system, we can turn the most diverse and unusual vision into reality. Magento offers developers and operators almost endless possibilities for customizing online shops. Talk to us and arrange a personal consultation, so that we can show you what is possible with Magento.

However, one thing is also important to note in Magento shops, which have been further developed far beyond the actual standard of the system: In order to be able to benefit from all the advantages Magento is imperative to develop the existing software architecture as well as to keep predetermined structures. This may result in some cases, initially an increased effort, in consequence, this additional expense pays off, however, if Magento continues to offer the following advantages without restriction:

Modular Software Architecture

Magento offers a complete separation of the program kernel from the individual customizations. These are also added as additional modules, so they work completely independently. This means that important updates of the Magento system can be installed without restricting the functionality of the other modules. The system not only ensures a secure update capability, but also a high degree of flexibility when adding new functions.

Individual Templates

In addition to the large range of functions, the adaptability of the layout to individual needs is one reason for the high popularity of Magento. The first time you set up the system, one installation is not different from the other, but thanks to the flexible architecture built on individual content blocks, the online store’s interface can be customized to the last detail. Magento thus enables the development of unique online shops, which are not a second time.

Easy Handling

Even though Magento offers countless possibilities, the development places great emphasis on ease of use. This applies to both the backend and the frontend. Even inexperienced shop owners will be able to cope with the clear structures and the sophisticated operating concept very quickly. It is particularly easy for customers to shop in a Magento shop, because all the steps of an order have been designed for fast, yet secure and transparent processing.

Are you looking for a leading Magento Development Agency in India that develops your online shop based on Magento or extends it with individual functions? Let us advise you without commitment and free of charge from our Magento experts, by phone or via the contact form we are happy to answer your queries.

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