There are many factors that encompass good website design; the first and foremost thing you should consider is it must look more appealing and seductive.

Effective web design is the key factor to develop a successful and profitable online presence because it acts as your representative to the cyber world. A good website must be interactive and user friendly where it not only enhances the surfer’s experience on the site but also reduces loading time and saves bandwidth costs.

Most beneficial steps for effective web design:

When you think about creating a website, there are a huge number of key principles you should consider before setting out. If you follow these essential steps clearly, you will be well on your way to share your creation with the WWW community.

Choosing a HTML editor:

Before designing your new website, you need to install a piece of software called HTML editor. It is nothing but a computer program for creating web pages that offer convenience and added functionality. This converts your visual design into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). After this stage, it is then interpreted by web browsers and delivers your website contents over the Internet.

Strive for simple and intuitive design:

In today’s fast-paced world, it is always better to keep the basic website design as simple as possible. You can strive for simplicity rather than complexity, the fact behind that is viewers don’t have time to figure out a confusing website structure. It can be quite frustrating so having a clear and well thought out website with simple and logical navigation is vital.

Try to keep the design appealing:

Self-generated design can be rolled to provide an awesome look. Actually what appeals to you may distress someone else’s senses, so just try to keep color schemes as neutral as possible. Be flexible in your thinking and approach because it provides options for your users by building for different outcomes.

Simple Navigation:

Think about creating simple navigation structure so that the user remains in control and doesn’t get frustrated. Innovative navigation may make a site look pretty, being informative at the right time in the appropriate manner give users control and choice over the way they navigate, interact with and achieve their goals on your website. It should be easy to use and compatible with all web pages and it is an important element of web design.

Make use of effective content:

As the Web is different from print you just try to make sure your content is relevant to what your website is all about but just don’t add content for the sake of padding it out. If it is full of relevant and original content then the search engines will also give your website a higher ranking. Make sure to keep the content fresh & up-to-date and make use of proper headlines & keywords.


Text is a major element in the website design but the web designer should ensure that it is readable and visually pleasing. It is determined on the basis of the font size, types, spacing, line length and color.


To sustain in this competitive world, uniqueness plays a major role to give life to a website. Unique web design will stand out from others which can be easily recognized by every person.


Every element on a website must add meaning to it because no irrelevant information must put on it just for the sake of filling up space. So you should be more careful and should just stay on the defined path.

Proper Alignment:

Aligning your web design with organized web pages make all information appears relevant and makes it look more consistent and ordered.


Web design must look sharp and crisp with proper layout, clear images, and well-defined content.

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