Make Your Movie Reach Your Audience With Innovative Movie Websites

With the Internet becoming a rage, nowadays, television, actor/actresses and big production houses have decided to have their website or movie websites, where they can host latest videos, wallpapers, mobile downloads, trivia, contests, and even interviews. In other words, they can earn and enjoying a free publicity, through these websites. It has been seen that a television or actor/actresses and movie without an aesthetically designed website fails to create the much-needed online buzz, which is essential for marketing and promoting the particular film or the Actor/ Actress involved in the film.

So keeping this thought in mind, below are a few tips to be kept in mind, while designing a movie website or television website or actor/actresses websites:


The logo of the website should be the title of the film or the name of the actor or actress which can be designed by web designers India. If you create a symbol or icon to represent the name of the film or television or actor/actress, you need to include the full title as well. Visitors should leave the site with the title of the movie engrained in their memory.

Domain name

Some big production companies host all of their films on one main site with the help of web development companies. But it is good if each film has its own individual website with the title of the film as the domain name (if possible). This once again emphasizes the film’s title and helps visitors remember its’ name.


A movie or television is a visual treat, thus, the designed website should be equally striking and fascinating. In other words, everybody visiting the website should be gasping for more. The website design should be eye-catching and stimulating. You should leave the website visitors to search more in your website. It is not necessary to tell the whole story with your photos or images, give a hint at what they will see in the film or your television show. It will be more attracting if you include a photo as a background image.


Uploading first look, teasers, and trailers in the chronological style is the proven technique of movie marketing or a television serial marketing. But Check to that you don’t open them in a separate window or don’t create special borders around the video or don’t design a floating trailer window. Instead, it will be effective if all the videos on one page in the order of their release.

Social Media

Include a link to your television channel or actor/actress or film’s Twitter profile or facebook page if you have one. If you do not have one, it is very significant that you create and maintain one.


Including a blog on your website is a great way to give your visitor’s a way to comment on the film and share their thought’s and views of the film or if it a particular actors website they can share their opinions on the particular actor/actress acting. As an added advantage it helps with your search engine optimization, meaning that your website will be easier to find on search engines such as Google.

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