Microsoft Awards BlazeDream for Three Successful Mobile Apps

BlazeDream a mobile application development company has successfully published 3 Windows Mobile Apps in a short span of time. This innovative app has been successfully approved by the Microsoft Windows Market Store. The Following are our 3 successful apps:

Speed Dial App – Speed Dial, an innovative mobile application that allows users to set 28 speeds dial numbers, may be a group of contacts on a single screen. Our app recalls your old phone speed dial facility.

Speed Dail App

ContactsBackUp App – Contact’s Backup app helps you to take a backup of your contacts in windows phone into a CSV (comma separated values) data.

ContactBackUp App

Brain Memory App – Brain Memory is a game that will test you memory skills. Brain Memory app developed by BlazeDream helps to increase grasping power of children. It’s a funny and interesting game to play.


In the contest announced by “Microsoft”, where the company successfully publishing 3 mobile apps in the month of March will be awarded, BlazeDream prides itself in grabbing the award of a Brand new HTC HD7 windows phone.

HTC HD7 windows phone

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