Mobile Apps For Real Estate Industry Is Incredible

Mobile Apps are shaping up real estate industry which is already revolutionized by technology. If you are frantically looking out for a property then these real estate mobile apps will help you narrow choices down. If you are already on the hunting spree, using these apps can help you find what openings are nearby, once you have finalized your place, use these apps to calculate whether or not you can afford it.

“Among Indian commercial property buyers, 4 percent found their real estate agents through a mobile app”

A well built mobile app marshals information to create unparalleled efficiency for its end users, “Indian consumers now spend more than 3 hours per day on their mobile devices, more than either desktop or television.”


Mobile Apps the Uber of Real Estate:

Real estate apps work in such a way that it connects buyers with real estate agents, these apps are currently used by brokerages as well as numerous listing services. Using the conventional method buyers connect with agents and whoever responds first gets the job. The buyer receives a docket of all real estate agents within a specific territory based on the feedback from other users.

Using this app the buyer can request for a list of agents. Once the request is sent, the app sends a list of agents who are available now and this list includes agents who are available within the specific vicinity based on the location of both buyer and agents.

Once the buyer fix on a particular agents, the real estate professional receives an alert notification with information such as the name and the location of the buyer.

Based on the agents slot and interest the request is accepted or denied. In case if the request is accepted the agent receives the buyer’s complete contact information.

Mobile Apps For Realtors:

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Buyers can find listing and take a virtual tour of the property instantly from the mobile app.

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Direct communication between the buyer and agent via SMS.

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  GPS directions to your property.

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Instant notification to announce the new listing, new commercial and residential   properties, price reduction, useful real estate tips and more.

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Buyers get quick access to all your listing and website resources.

Buyer has an access to request for an appointment via mobile application.

Real Estate Mobile App includes:

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Push notification (SMS)

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Mobile Desktop icon

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Published to Apple and Android

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Loyalty Rewards Program

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Rightly sized web content

mobileappdevelopment-blazedream  Easy to share

Hunting a commercial property can be a 24*7 experience especially in a real estate market like India, with the right app you can locate a property anywhere and anytime. Mobile apps are useful to zero-in your options quickly, easily, from wherever you are at the time.


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