Online Business Survival Tips During Recession

Content Look through the content and read it, check every word, punctuation marks, grammar mistakes, key phrases and things required for quality content. Make sure that the content offered is informative, accurate and relevant to the web page. Updating huge content is not a big task, but updating informative content is a big matter.

Duplicate content is strongly conflicted in search engines, especially Google, Yahoo & Bing. If your website is found with duplicate content or two pages having the similar content, check whether search engines have indexed the web page. This is because; sometimes search engines consider the pages as two different web pages with duplicate content. If so remove the pages and replace it with 301 redirect to the main page.

If majority of the web page content contains text, consider to diversify the media. As text is king for search engine indexing, don’t obsess over what search engines see on your website, they are secondary to users. E.g. Uploading of videos in our websites gives the user an opportunity to push content to another network and reach audience beyond the websites. Similarly, podcasting is another medium that attracts the attention of the users. Useful PDF downloads – Why don’t you offer an enticing freebie download to the users about the company products or services.

One of the useful ways of diversifying the content is to translate it by identifying the targeted audience. Consider the countries where you website prominently reached and you do business. Also, consider the cost of upholding the multi-lingual content.

Links Broken links is one of the prominent factors of making the users disappointed. But it may be due to typos or deletion of content which should be avoided by the webmaster. Link checking software programs are available which use multi-threading to check the website.

Error pages like 404 (page cannot be found) and 500 (server error) will be more helpful and informative for the users to overcome broken links. 301 redirect can be defined for the broken links or error pages, to make the users navigate inside the website.

Having broken links may be normal task for webmaster, but proper care should be taken to enhance link quality in a website. Create relevant and informative links for both users and search engines. Key phrases can be added while framing links with alt and title tags.

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