A Quick Glimpse At The Most Popular PHP Frameworks

PHP is extremely popular programming language and its quiet handy to make all kind of web applications, it is designed by using the concepts of C++ computer software programming language, PHP has an easy learning curve, which makes it quiet easy to  use and apply PHP. PHP frameworks are a great way to increase programming efficiency.

Some of the most popular PHP frameworks are as follows:


CakePHP follows a Model-view-controller approach and it’s an open source application.

It makes web development very easy and quick.

CakePHP uses well-known software engineering concepts and software design patterns and it has its own preloaded libraries which help the developers in developing applications without any kind of complexity.


Symfony is an open source framework for PHP scripting language. It is also referred to as Full-Stack framework.

Most of the PHP framework follows Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm which is used to design web pages and websites and this design pattern can be easily used by everyone.

Its updates are released twice a year that’s generally during May and November.

The best thing about Symfony framework is that it provides a facility to integrate third party libraries into the development process to fine tune the application.


Zend is also an open source framework developed for PHP.

It is an object oriented framework used for web application development which is implemented with PHP5 and is also used for web application development.

The best thing about Zend framework is that it provides effective and straight forward solution for

  • Management
  • Customization

This framework is exceptionally handy to make reliable and secure Web 2.0 applications.

The Simple PHP:

Simple PHP framework allows you to build websites with PHP 5.

This framework is ideal to bring web projects to life easily and quickly.

This framework is suitable for freelancers and web designers and is ideal to bring web projects to life easily and quickly.

The above mentioned frameworks are the most popular and frequently used PHP frameworks. They can be customized according to your choice and project requirement as well. BlazeDream has skilled experts who have in-depth knowledge in all PHP frameworks.  For More info, Contact Us

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