Use Chrome Extensions for Web Development

Chrome developer tools are greatly helpful for debugging HTML, JavaScript and CSS in Chrome. If a webpage or web app for Chrome Web Store is written, the elements can be easily inspected in DOM, debug live JavaScript and edit CSS styles directly in the web page. The extension makes Google Chrome to offer better web development environment to users along with additional features making users easily access the browser. The page features extensions for web development is created for developers to create/develop new web applications.

For Example,

Speed tracer is an extension that helps to identify and fix the performance issues in web applications. Using speed tracer, the user gets an idea about the time being spent on the application and troubleshoot problems in JavaScript parsing and execution, CSS style and more.

Resolution test, another useful extension that changes the size of the browser window. The web developers can preview websites in different screen resolutions including a list of commonly used resolutions.

Using the web developer extension, the user can access additional developer tools such as validation options, page resizing and CSS elements viewer by an additional button in the toolbar.

Chrome editor is also one of the extensions that allow the user to easily code within the browser, so that the user doesn’t have to flip between the browser and code editor. A code reference can also be saved locally to the computer for later use. These are some of the extensions for web development, as a user if you are interested in more extensions please look at Google’s extension gallery.

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