Processes of Website Application Development

Project analysis, it’s an art of analyzing the project with complex, new and large scale system applications. Before preceding the process, a web developer should do system analysis, requirement analysis, business analysis and all other analysis needed to bring the project more successful.

Requirement Analysis:
Requirement analysis is one of the main processes to be carried in website application development and the purpose of doing so is to:

• Establish & uphold the project with the client & other stakeholders about their requirements.
• Provide the web developers with information regarding the project requirement analysis you did.
• Define the pros & cons of project and the difficulties involved
• Provide the developers with the basis of planning and its technical contents of iterations.
• Define the deadline and the cost estimation for the project
• Define the user interface for the system, focusing the needs & goals of the users.

System Designing:
The next process is system designing. BlazeDream has a dedicated group of web developers who works on J2EE platform, .NET platform and so on. Our database designers have excellence in MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. System design, It’s a process of defining the hardware & software architecture, components, modules, interfaces and data to meet the requirements of the projects.

Some of the system designing process:
• Class Analysis
• Class Design
• Database Design
• Design Of User Interface
• Design Element Identification
• Design Mechanism Identification
• Incorporate Existing Design Element
• Operation Analysis
• Operation Design
• Prototype Design
• System Design

System Testing
System testing is the main process which helps the web developer to find all sorts of bugs / errors in the software / application / website created. Software testing process mainly focus on evaluating or assessing of products quality through practices like:

• Validate whether the software product works as designed.
• Authenticate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.
• Whether the product meets the requirements of the client
• It’s a user interface

Testing evaluate the assumptions, risks and uncertainty that inherited in the work with other disciplines.

Once the project gets completed & easily overcome the user acceptance testing, then the software is implemented with any of the user as per the requirements of the client.

Implementation process:
• Analyze Run Time Behavior
• Execute Developer tests
• Implement Design Element
• Integrate SubSystem
• Integrate System

Purpose of Implementation:
• Define the organization code, in terms of
• Implementation of subsystems organized in layers
• Execute the design elements in terms of implementation elements

It’s a process of enhancing and optimizing the software tested. Software maintenance is one of the important phases of software development process. The phase involves customizing the software product by rectifying the defects & errors found during the field usage and the application functionality to improve the software usability and applicability.

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