Basic 5 SEO tips For Joomla Websites

Joomla, the widely used CMS that is also used as one of the important technique used for optimizing a website. Here, some of the basic tips provided to optimize pages that are created using Joomla.

Joomla Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs
Joomla, one of the best open source CMS (Content Management System) that offers the user to do anything with its website. If a website is created using Joomla, the user should create website URLs more search engine friendly. It will be more helpful, if we have pages automatically created using PHP, Java or any other. Most of the dynamic URLs will be found with “?” and this type of pages doesn’t get indexed. Among the different techniques used, SEF URLs are also one of the techniques enabling search engines to add dynamic pages and get indexed without any problem.

Joomla plugin
Download and install Joomla sh4040SEF plugin (component). The user can set up own custom URLs, if they don’t like automatic ones with the help of the plugin. Meta tags, title tags can be manually set up with advanced security functions. sh404SEF is the best Joomla SEO plugin and the user can make Joomla Search Engine Optimization friendly URLs using this plugin.

Meta tags & Titles tags
After the successful installation & activation of sh404SEF, the user has turned on SEF URLs and it will produce best and clean URL names that humans and search engines can easily make out. Most of the time, Joomla creates long & messy URL as it automatically uses all words of the page to create a URL title for the page. So the user should make sure that they have a good page title with clean URL when creating pages with Joomla.

H1 tags
Adding H1 tags in Joomla is considered as an old SEO concept and most of the webmaster usually tends to do that. Using H1 tags for websites gives more weightage in search engines, particularly Google.

Duplicate Content Issue
Joomla creates duplicate content issues and using of sh404SEF plugin will try to alleviate some of these issues, but not all. The main reason for arising duplicate content in Joomla is when PDF or print icons on page are published. Search engines will index the PDF and print icons link as well and don’t drive any traffic to the homepage.

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