A Quick Look At ASP.NET Application Development

ASP.Net is an application framework developed and launched by Microsoft which is of great use for programmers to build a dynamic website and it’s a highly popular programming language, ASP. Software developed through ASP. NET can be incorporated in an easy way with any CLR supported application, Web applications, specifically, those relying on back-end databases, are typically being created using either Microsoft’s ASP.Net language or the Open Source alternative language of PHP.

The ASP.NET software development and application development framework includes the Common Language Runtime, a set of programming languages, a rich class library, ASP.net programming for Web applications development, support for XML Web services development, and interoperability with existing COM applications,Net framework is the successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages ASP technology that is Integrated with SOAP -Simple Object Access Protocol extension and built on Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment.

Active Server Pages or ASP has long been an option for creating dynamic web content. Active Server Pages facilitates the ability to use databases such as Access or SQL just to name a few, to create dynamic, feature-rich websites. Asp.net is also incorporated with several other features such as user interface, data access and database connectivity, web application, network communication and more. Besides, asp.net software development decreases the amount of code considerably while building large web and software applications, as well as a dynamic website. With its inbuilt Windows confirmation and per-application arrangement; asp.net ensures to deliver robust, safe and secure solutions.

Major Advantages of Asp.net Software Development:

  1. Helps to incorporate a large library support.
  2. Integrations of various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Ajax/ jQuery, Java, Silver light and more.
  3. Processes SOAP messages and language inter operability by Integrating with SOAP extension and built on CLR environment.
  4. Includes various other features such as user interface, data access and database connectivity, web application, network communication and much more.
  5. While building large applications it reduces the total code amount considerably.
  6. net software development provides an array of solutions such as
    • Custom Software Development
    • Custom CMS (Content Management System) Development
    • Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Development
    • Web based applications development
    • Web development

Apart from the rest of the advantages, ASP.NET has the ability to cater to more number of requests unlike the traditional ASP application, which doesn’t provide you with the same facility. In order to port ASP to .NET, highly qualified web developers make use of .NET framework, ASP.NET programming is flexible. You can access entirely .NET class library with ASP.NET application. You can use language that is best suitable to your application this way it is language independent. ASP.NET application uses a set of default authorization and authentication schemes so they are most secured, to provide a set of prepackaged functionality to developers using Web services standards, Microsoft has released a set of hosted Web services that can be easily integrated into existing or new applications. These Web services include MapPoint Web service, NET Alerts, and.NET Passport.

Wrap Up:

ASP.NET is purely a server side technology so ASP.NET code is executed on a server before it is sent to the browser. The Web server continuously monitors the pages, components, and applications running on it. If it notices any memory leaks, infinite loops, other illegal activities, it immediately destroys those activities and restarts itself.

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